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Kidney aches and I have a pain.

Hey all,

I have had three kidney stones in my life, and occasionally, say thrice a year -- my kidney(s) (usually one at a time) will ache, and I get a nasty stinging in the end of my genital area. I have no blood in my urine, and was wondering if this was maybe a minor kidney infection.

The stinging does not occur when urinating, but rather when I'm just sitting idly. I was also wondering if maybe the stinging was cause by very tiny kidney stones passing?

Urine passes clear after consuming healthy amounts of water, urine passes painlessly without stinging. Stinging occurs when idle. The sting and the ache usually fades after about two weeks with no medical treatment.
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How are you?  Kidney stones less than 5 millimeters in size almost always pass on their own while stones larger than 6 millimeters may not pass on their own. The pain from passing a kidney stone is typically sharp and cramping. It may begin in the back and side where the kidneys are located. As the stone moves down the ureter the location of the pain may sometimes change. It is fairly common for persons to feel pain in the groin and testes. Nausea, vomiting, and sweating chills are also common. If it persists, have this evaluated further for proper management.  Urinalysis and ultrasound will help identify presence of residual kidney stones.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Thanks for your insight. I don't believe I'm passing stones, as the pain is distinctly different. It's more of a dull, internal ache. The sting I feel is almost the same as some people describe as an STD, but I have had a doctor examine me and I have no STD, nor any sexual activity within quite a while before this started.

I'm wondering if the stinging is perhaps maybe .2-.5mm "mini" stones? I have passed three 2-4mm stones and they were very excruciating to evacuate from my body, but I still felt a sting when they fell out, the same sting as this.

Do microstones exist?
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