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Kidney and stroke at 33 yrs old

Hello, my daughter is a 33yr old that is always in hospital with pylonephritis (I think thats how it is spelt), shes always put on a cause of gentamiacin 320mg via a pick line, her problem is that she nor I have never been told what the cause is, she suffers from colicystitis, renal colic and calcium stones in both L&R kidneys. Last October she had a stroke that was put into a rehab unit in hospital, her left side was a 0 on the score card and now she is a 2 out of ten, has lost the hearing in her left ear and troble with swollowing, bad headaches, has only been able to talk for the past 4weeks but not clearly, she swears alot and never use to, she forgets things alot and has to learn to read and write,eat, walk ect, all over again. She has Epilepsy, Factor 5 blood clotting disorder, asthma on prednisolone for the past 29yrs (for the past 8yrs was on 100mg daily and since the stroke has been cut back to 10mg has been on this dose since she was 8yrs), she is a diabetic, ostioparosis, endometriosis, palvic inflamatory disease, has had quite afew DVT as well as TIA's, and has had 5 miscarriages all over 18weeks. Please can you help with any feash ideas as to what can be going on cos the frustrating part is that she gets treated by lots of different doctors and all her problems are treated seperately, my question is can all these be related and if so what could the problem be, shes a very strong young lady that has the rest of her life a head of her and I would like her to be able to live her life to the fullest. She was bitten by an Australian Brown Snake when she was 15, didnt wake for 8 days after the bite and after this is when her kideny problems started could this be why she is having problem or something else?
My daughter has been to hell and back and yet with every fight she has to put up in ICU, she will bounce back smiling she is very strong but I know she is getting to breaking point with the whole thing, your opionion would be greatly appreciated.
I hope you can understand the spelling of the medical related things .

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Recently it is speculated that I have hyperparathyroid disease. I post quite frenquently on the thyroid board - but came here due to a member. I am new to this parathyroid stuff - but not to "thyroid disease"

From what I have read - stroke and kidney failure are very common with a non functioning parathyroid. It is an endocrine situation and many of your daughters diagnoises fall under that.

I would check out www.parathryoid.com to view the symptoms. Then I would check to see if she had a calcium blood level check and a PTH test done.

It could be far fetched - but I thought I would let you know. I do not post here and probably will not do it soon - so if you like personal message me.
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I do understand how hard this is for your daughter.

At this point we can not exactly tell if one single disease entity may explain her condition. The coagulation disorder brought about by the factor 5 disorder may be able to help explain the stroke, DVT's.TIA's and the miscarriages.A bleeding disorder may also cause kidney problems.

You ave mentioned of kidney stones. I suggest that she be also worked up interms of her serum calcium and hyperparathyroid function.I also suggest that a genetic test be done to determine underlying genetic mutations in some genes responsible for blood coagulation ( aside from factor 5).Fibrinogen levels, protein C and S, homocysteine levels may also be determined.The pesence of an antiphospoholipid syndrome may also  be assessed.

It is difficult to attribute your daughter's condition to a single disease or syndrome.The coagulation disorder may present with certain complications now that may explain your daughters' condition.Stroke,DVT's may decrease circulation and blood flow to other parts of the body which may lead to kidney disease and neurologic function.

I do hope  I can be of help more.Just stay strong for her and continue to show your reassurance and support.This is a hard time for you , I know but you have been very strong.

Do keep in touch.
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Thankyou for your thoughts and taking the time to send these messages, my daughter is so strong but as a mum you cant help but want to take the pain away for your child, it breaks my heart to see her in ICU with tubes going every were and the only person it doesnt seem to be bothering is her unless her pain gets out of control she is always so strong, but then when she is in pain she still smiles through it and I guess because she has such a high pain threshold the doctors can sometimes not understand how she does it she truely is such a strong young lady and if you ask her how she does it she will always say that shes a mum and nothing in this wourld will take her from them until the man upstairs says that her fight is over until them and until she cant figh any longer she will FIGHT. Thankyou once again
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