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Kidney confusion!

I was in the ER 5 days ago, and they did a CT scan and found that I have a 6cm stone in my let say canal for lack of term. to me that seems like a small planet. Also I have more in the Kidney. I went in for more testing today and the Dr. told me that not only it hasn't passed witch I think I would have known if it did.He said that I have protien in my urine and blood and that I also have Gull stones. To top this conversation off with him he said my walls of my Kidneys are thinning. Please help me understand what is going on with my body. I know they say everything slowly goes down hill as you get older but I'm not that old.
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Hi, what I understood from your post is that you are having kidney stone along with gall stones and may be associated kidney swelling. Please write full report of CT scan. Also please mention the symptoms you are facing.

Big stones are usually surgically removed but what is important to find out renal compromise if any. Please get kidney function tests done. Gall bladder stones are surgically removed too. Cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder) is the treatment of choice.
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