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Kidney disease ?

Hi!  I've been experiencing extreme fatigue for a few months, progressively getting worse to the point where I feel completely drained and have no energy.  I went to a new PCP last week and told her about my symptoms.  She decided to do a dipstick UA because I had some bladder pain on palpation and also I complained about some off and on flank pain and urgency/frequency of urination for the last few weeks.  The dipstick showed blood and protein.  She is having me come back next week for a follup UA and also did some blood tests.  After doing some research online, I'm concerned I may have symptoms suggesting kidney disease.  If anyone could give me some information on kidney disease, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!
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Although hematuria or proteinuria may indicate problems with the kidneys, several tests are needed for proper diagnosis.  Hematuria or blood in the urine may be due to stones, infection, cancer/tumor, or kidney disease.  IVP and cystoscopy are usually done  to evaluate both the upper and lower urinary tracts respectively. On the other hand, proteinuria or  abnormal amount of protein in the urine occurs when the filter unit of the kidney or glomerulus is damaged. There are also many conditions that may lead to this. It is best that we wait for the results of the tests done for proper diagnosis. You can read more about kidney disease through this link: http://www.lifeoptions.org/kidneyinfo/ckdinfo.php?page=4

Take care and do keep us posted with the results.

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