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I have always had a microscopic amount of blood in my urine, as does my teenage daughter.  A year and a half ago, I noticed visible blood in my urine twice, which scared me to death.  I went for a cytology work-up, which went very well.  I was told that everything was okay, and we would just keep an eye on things.  A few months ago, I returned for a urine test, which of course was positive.  The urologist said that some people just have blood in their urine, and we would just keep watching it.  There was no more blood than there was a year and a half ago.   This past week, at my yearly gyn appointment, my doctor told me that I had a 2+ blood in the urine, plus, I was positive for protein.  What am I overlooking?  What else should I be doing?  The only other symptom I have is intermittent pain in my right side at my waist.   That has only gone on for the past two months.  The urologist told me the pain does not seem like it would be kidney related at the waist.  Please advise.  Should I be worried about kidney disease or cancer?  There is no kidney disease in my family.
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Hematuria or blood in the urine can be due to many conditions. such as trauma, stones, infections, viral infections, nonspecific inflammations of the kidney or  obstructions of the urinary tract. The evaluation of hematuria requires that examining the entire urinary tract including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Management of blood in urine depends upon the underlying cause.  It is good that your cytoscopy showed normal results. However, urine should be checked on a yearly basis to make certain that no changes are occurring. If gross hematuria were to recur, repeat evaluation may be necessary and your physician should be consulted. A blood test to check kidney function and a blood-pressure check should also be done. Take care and keep us posted.
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Thank you for the quick answer.  But what about the protein in my urine?  Can my urologist rule out any potential kidney issues, or should I be seeing a kidney specialist?
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Hi, you definitely need to see a kidney specialist. A cytoscopy doesnt rule out any kidney issues.Persistent hematuria with or without protein needs thorough investigations to rule out any potential kidney issues. What you need to do now is 1. 24 hour urine collection for the volumn of protein 2. microscopic urinalysis ( first urine in the morning, mid stream, how many RBC/ hp?) 3. Kidney ultrasound scan. When you have got all these results,we can evaluate and decide if a kidney biopsy and treatment will be needed. It's shocking how many people have kidney diseases/ glomerulonephritis without knowing until their kidney functions start decreasing. In the country where I came from originally - china, routine urinalysis is checked among all ages every year.
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Forgot to ask, twice when you saw visible blood in your urine, did you have a cold or any form of infections (eg. throat infections) just before?
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I think it is so interesting that your doctor did not do any additional tests on you when you presented with blood and protein in your urine.  I recently had an MRI done of my spine and the radiologist found that I had cysts on my kidneys and liver.  When I googled this I found polycystic kidney disease.  Symptoms (according to the website) include blood and protein in urine and side (between ribs and hips) or back pain, etc.  Seems like your doctor would have at least ordered an ultrasound.  I have to go discuss my cysts with my doctor tomorrow.  I have no idea if I have blood or protein in my urine as there are no obvious signs.  I do have pain in my lower left side and go to the bathroom constantly!!

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When I had the cystoscopy, they also did a ct scan.  I was told that everything looked okay, and to check back every year.  Then, a year later, I repeated the urine for cytology this past June, and it was negative.  The only reason I am back is that at my ob/gyn visit, my doctor said I was positive for protein.  I have always been positive for blood, as is my teenage daughter.  When she was 7 years old, they did an ultrasound to rule out polycystic kidneys and were able to do so.  Thank God.  At that time I was told that it was probably just familial.
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I am now 57 years old. Blood and protein were found in my urine 34 years ago whilst I was pregnant with my youngest child. After delievery, I began seeking answers and consistently throughout the years I ahve had a urinalysis completed, same results, no symptoms, no pain. I have completed dozens and dozens of every type urine test known, CT Scans, IVPs, 2 kidney biopsies, several cystoscopes, catherizations standing, sitting, exercising and picking up weights etc.....each and every time I change insurane or get a new doctor assigned I go through this...blood tests included. My test results and diagnostic assessments have always come back negative. My blood tests indicate 100% normal function of the kidneys, CT scan same, biopsy shows no nephritis or other maladies etc....I simply have a "false, positive" result. I have no edema, no high blood pressure, no other health issues at all...I am attempting residency in a new country and they have claimed for 6 yrs I will have kidney failure. diabestes and/or need a transplant and so have refused me. I have had more diagnostic specialists and urologists and nephroligists and internists watch over me it is crazy...I am still fine and have no other symptoms at all. Anyone else have this?
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