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Kidney pain HELP!

just over a year ago i started with a dull ache around the left side of my torso, after a few hours this became alot worse and I was rushed to A + E to have tests done. After a CT scan they found my left kidney and ureter had swelled up so they presumed there was some kind of blockage and I was in need of an operation. After spending the week in hospital waiting for the operation and several more CT scans and blood tests, I was told I no longer needed to be operated on and could return home. The doctor said that the pain was probably caused by stones and i have passed them. But im sure I would know if I did pas any stones! After this I  had a mild pain in my side and around my back that i wthought would just go away but it didnt. 6 months later i went to see a urologist who sent my for more CT scans, ultrasound and eventually i had a ureterscope. The doctor found a narrowing of my ureter and has said that I need to come back in and have a stent put in for 8 weeks. I am still waiting to hear back from the hospital with a date to come in.
I am not convinced that anyone really knows what the problem is as its been going on for over 12 months now and I get told a different thing everytime i go and see someone.
I am very fit and healthy, go to the gym 5 times a week, have a good diet, no problems urinating and have no other health problems but I have had enough of this constant pain! The pain is mainly around the middle of my back on the left side of my spine, just below my shoulder blade, but sometimes it spreads futher down my left side.

Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms or know what the problem could be?
Any info would be much appreciated.

Sorry for the essay!!
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It wouldn't hurt to take a pumpkin seed oil supplement.  It may help you not have kidney stones and help your kidney.  
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Cr,told me it was cysts in My Kidneys.You,ve had lots of tests as I have.
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I have also been told that it may be cysts but every doctor I see tells me something different! What is the treatment for cysts?
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