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Kidney problems for 4 years now, plz help.

Hi i have just registered on here as i have been having bad kidney episodes now for over 4 years the last two more frequent which i will get into.

First off around 4 years ago i had a very severe infection (i think) & i was vomiting and in very bad pain, since then i was having them every 8-12 months, had ultrasound scan which showed my left kidney functions 40% and right 60%, no need to tell you my left is always were i get the pain.

The last two years since i been smoking marijuana nearly every day i get them every 3-5 months, my symptoms are always dull ache at first, then it get stronger & stronger like a stabbing feeling, nausea, vomiting, body aches and feel cold, its really horrible and incovenient for work as they seem to be annoyed but don't say.

My urologist is confident its not infections & is puzzled himself, could it be the marijuana smoking? something im drinking, they won't do surgery as theres no blockage & i can't live like this, please help me out, James.
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Hello just a few thoughts.of course you know the side effects of drinking and smoking, however, have they done an IVP? In my past I had an unusual finding called a upj obstruction. There is no evidence of stones because there are none with this.it hurts very badly when it "kinks" off.slot of times they are congenital and not discovered for many years. Mine was found at 37.when I lived in a bug city at the time, only 1 md found the problem.Di some research and see if you match any if the criteria and perhaps mention it if he is the kind if doc that you can Do that with.has he tried a sent?just to see if that helps and will keep you open.it is the ureter that usually causes this and it gets linked off, causing your kidney to swell. Which hurts because of limited space.if down the road you need any kind if surgery, would be best to give up those other habits as they don't mix well.with anesthesia and some docs aren't willing to take any risks.I hope you feel better soon!
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