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Kidney reflux

My 2 year old daughter has kindey reflux.  She has over 21 Dr app this year. Mostly for Kidney infections.  We have had about 4 this year alone and taking meds for this. She keeps getting high fevers with no other symptons and whil have a negetive urine test.  Then 3 weeks later high fever comes back and then the Kidney infection will show.  Right now we are on day 8 of antibotics and still running  a low grade fever. I carried her back to the Dr urine test was negative white blood count was 15,000 . Is there some other test that cam be done to find out what is wrong.  We oallow the same pattern every time.  The highest her fever has gotten was 106.  No other symptons just fever and lower pain.  But a kidney scan showed no stones or blockages.
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