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Kidney stone 17mm in renal cortex

I have been suffering from chronic kidney stones for 19 years, multiple stones, multiple sizes in both kidneys. I hae not been stone free anytime since the first one passed in 1991. I hve had over 200 + stone related surgeries, everyone of them. I made 50 new stones from Nov. to Jan, this year. I am on my 3rd surgery since september now and awaiting another one due to an 8 mm stone. I live in constant pain and have had every test done 5 times and been to many different states for work ups to try and find a soluyion to this. My main problem and one I can not find any info on is that in my left kidney there are multiple stones but one is a 17mm stone that over time got sucked up into the tissue of my kidney. I had 3 surgeries to remove it and only after them did the urologi figure out why he could not find it once in. It causes  pain 24 hours a day and I have been sent to many different urologists about this one stone searching for a way to solve this 17mm stone. It is located in the renal cortex and no one will attempt to remove it. I had a few look at it with the thought of Percutaneous nephrolithotomy but was then told it could not be done because of the location. I have asked for this kidney be removed to stop the pain but told "no" due to the other kidney is chronically full of stones and gets blocked at times. SO what can I do? Is there anyway to get it out anf if not, why not? Thank you for your time and answers!
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I have recently  found out that both of my kidneys are full of Calcium Oxalate stones. These stones are all located inside the renal cortex and therefore can not be removed. I started to have back pain 9 months ago along with Urinary Tract Infections, which I have only had one other time in my life. I am a 33 year old who has been healthy other than high blood pressure, low iron and low potassium. Anyway, the urologist says he is very doubtful that the stones are causing the back pain. I never had back pain like this until I passed a 7mm stone 9 months ago and sense then it has been getting progressively worse. My urologist said that I can have a Shock wave Lithotripsy treatment to break the stones into smaller pieces. This treatment crushes the stone without any incision. Sound waves are sent through your body, hit the stone and crumble it into tiny sandlike pieces.  They have done this to a patient who had a similar diagnosis and it helped with her pain. The only difference with me is that I have stones all over the renal cortex and they would have to shock my whole kidney.
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I too have a large stone in my renal cortex and have been to many urologists. They say it can't be causing the pain I have been going through too, but I've never been in this kind of dehabilitating pain and nausea before. I've had 3 shockwave lithrotripsy treatments and they have the 10mm down to 7.5mm, but now I'm in constant pain and haven't been able to eat due to such bad nausea for over a week.
I am also bedridden now and cannot do much of anything but lay as still as possible. Any time of movement or jarring makes it so much worse.
I'm hoping the doctor at Borland and Groover is going to set me up with someone that will take care of it and if not, I'm going to contact the neurosurgeon that wants to do back surgery and ask him to take care of it. I will let you guys know what kind of treatment I get as it has to be soon. I cannot continue on this path as I've already lost 13 lbs since I've been down the last couple of weeks
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