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Kidney stone diet

In a 2006 study from UT Southwestern Medical Center, a Dr .Odvina indicated orange juice is best of all juices to help mitigate formation of calcium oxalate stones.Any other evidence or information to support this?
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I don't have any evidence other than word of mouth - I've had more than one person tell me to drink lemonade.  Something about the acidity I think.
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I heard that both juices were supposed to be good, but that orange juice was actually the better of the two.  But lemonaid was what the dr. recommended.

After a year on the kidney stone anti-diet, I had more kidney stones.  Told the dr. I had not had any tea, chocolate, collard greens, salad, almonds, beets, etc, etc, drank a gallon of water a day along with the lemonaid.  What else could I do, doc.?  He said, "We really don't know what causes kidney stones to form."  I left there and got some chocolate and some iced tea.

That's my take!
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