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Kidney stone sitting pretty well sort of lol

I have had a stone in my kidney for many yrs now. It flairs now and then but the Dr. doesn't seem to concerned about it. I know its large enough that it can not pass on its own. I get throbbing in the kidney area sometimes.
Do you think I need to be more aggressive with the Dr. to do something about this?
Can it do damage sitting for so long?
What treatments can the do to help this pass or remove it?
Anything at home I can do to help dissolve it?? "Uriflo" (an at home remedy)

Sorry I am just getting concerned lately about it.
I had a dye test yrs ago and I had a mild reaction to it so I know they wont do that again.
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If this has been causing you much discomfort lately, I suggest that you ask your urologist regarding other alternative foms of treatment for the stones.

The risk and benefits have to be weighed in managing your condition.When was the last time you had your follow up? When was the last ultrasound or scan taken? Has your kidney function been recently assessed?

Do keep us posted with your answers.
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