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Kidney stones & cysts

I have been struggling for the past several years with 7 kidney stones. I have successfully passed 4 of them to be told there are 5 more to go and a kidney cyst to boot!  Not to worry, just continue on like nothings wong.  I have to be so careful with what I eat, or I am visting the bathroom the entire night.  Most everything upsets my stomach or causes serve cramping.  What should I do from here?  I am only 38 it sure has been ALONG 2 yrs...What has caused the cyst?
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i don't know anything about cysts but my urologist said to drink water and more water. that if a person with a history or stones drinks 2x as much water as someone with out than we have 1/8 the risk of repeat stones -that it's a cube function.  I have a cousin that has had several stones and he's said he drinks a big glass of water before he goes to bed and that's helped him avoid stones...  good luck.
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