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Kidney stones and water retention?

Hi I am a 31 year old mother of 2.  During my second pregnancy I had a uti that never ended.  After going to a specialist I found out that I had kidney stones and had lithotripsy to remove them this past January.  I gained about 14 lbs in one month after the litho.  All my blood work has come back completely in range of fully functioning kidneys(just tested last week).  I just found out yesturday that I now have another kidney infection and in just 2 days of being on antibiotics my face and nose look normal again and I feel so great and non puffy:)  So has anyone had anything like this happen after litho?  Is there a reason why the antibiotics are working to reduce the swelling in my body and face?
When I asked my urologist about the weight gain, he told me to eat less and that it wasn't a kidney problem.  Also told me my pain in my back was too high for kidneys and that my kidneys were lower.  Also told me that the back pain was from lifting my kids and that it was probably just muscular.  Meanwhile, they called me yesturday and the urinalysis was in fact a kidney infection!  I just feel crazy cause all my labs are coming back normal but I feel so weird and puffy all the time!  someone PLEASE help me!!!
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