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Kidney stones in overweight women?

I am a 400 lbs woman. I have kidney stones that range from 3cm to 4cm and up. The one i have now is 4cm. I have stones in both of my kidneys.I also have been to 3 -4 different doctors. They all have said that I am too fat, they are unable to take care of me. The stones are calcium phosphate. What i would like to know, besides loosing weigh, how can they be destroyed? I have been watching what i eat, that has calcium in it, and i still get them?
Please let me know what i can do. This whole situation is making me fustrated.
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at first you should avoid using Chocolate and any kind of artificial sugars.they worsen ovarian.
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Hi. It makes no differance. I am about 100 pounds and very underweight and I just had over 300 stones removed from one kidney. You need to do 24 hour urines to find out why you are making stones. I am not sure why this person above me keeps posting what he/she does??  In some people chocolate can worsen stones but you will need the 24 hour urines. Best.... Cara
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PS DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!! You need a Nephroligist to find out why you are making these stones. Now I have re-read and the only thing I can think is that maybe your treatment of the stones may be differant due to the weight issue?? Cara
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