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Kidney stones in ureter

I had a large kidney stone which my doctor performed eswl on in october the stone fragments got stuck in the ureter, a month later he performed eswl again and then a ureteroscopy and placed a stent.  The day of the surgery some pieces of the stones passed but there is alot of blood and now on the third day no stone pieces are passing.  He kept me in the hospital for two days due to fever, now he wants me to go for an xray on friday and then go to see him on monday.  He is telling me to be prepared to keep the stent in until the end of december at least.  If the stones do not come out this time what will happen and how long should I wait until he does something else.  The pain I am going through is unbearable, I can not live a normal life ie: work, do things with my children, take care of my house this have been going on since september it is now december.  I am thinking i possibly need a second opinion.  
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Something doesn't sound right if the dr is having to repeat the same procedure...  I'm new to the forum and haven't passed my (first) stone and am waiting to see if I am going to have to have a procedure.  It couldn't hurt to have a 2nd opinion esp if you aren't able to live your life.
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