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Kidney stones

Hey I was wondering Im 10 wks Pregnant and I have lower back pain REALLY BAD it feels as if i was in labor being i know how it feels i have 3 kids already What happends is all of a sudden i will have sharp stabbing pain and it will last about a min and if i have to pee it is very little or i can't.  The doctor said that is what it sounds like to her but i dont have the money to have all these other test done on top of going to my obgyn. whay should i do is there any other way i can get rid of these stupied things
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Not really any other way .. BUT you have to be careful in case it is too big to pass .. it can be a life-threatening situation .. my mom almost died from a painless stone the size of a pea that lodged in her junction area and she became sepsis.

I would have an ultrasound done at the very least and since you are pregnant I would also have a urine test done in case there is an infection.

Cheryl (calcium oxalate stones)
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As a a doctor myself I would suggest that you do follow your doctor's advice.
Taking into consideration the fact that you are pregnant and that too in the early stages it is advisable to do so.
At the very least you could discuss it with her and opt for the least expensive tests- an ultrasound and a urine examination.
Meanwhile try to drink plenty of water to facilitate easy pasage of the stones.
Hope you can work things out and continue to have a safe pregnancy.
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