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Kidney stones

I have had a 5mm kidney stone and now have about 5 smaller ones. I have started medication for prevention and been told that I need to change my diet to avoid purines & oxalic acid. I am also hypoglycemic. In researching what I can/cannot eat, I am getting conflicting information. Different websites list the content of these materials at differing amounts. The USDA will say a type of food is at 1 level and another will say something totally different. It is really hard to figure this out especially when I have to watch my blood sugar levels. Any helpful thoughts. If it is helpful - My test showed that my uric acid levels were over 1400 and I cannot remember the level of oxalates. Medication - Allopurinol.
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How are you? Low purine/low uric acid diet is indicated for hyperuricemia or gout. Diet should be relatively high in carbohydrates and low in fat since carbohydrates have been shown to favor uric acid excretion. Drinking plenty of fluids can also help in eliminating excess uric acid and in minimizing calculi formation.Low purine diet should be 120-150 mg/day. All vegetables except asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom or spinach are recommended. Milk, cheese and meat,  tea  or coffee, fruits and gelatins are allowed.

I hope this helps. Take care and keep us posted.
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I have had kidney stones since 2001. Currently (as of May 1) I have had a 15 mm and a 10 mm (as well as several of their babies) in my kidney. I have been scheduled for a systoscopy but when I went for my pre-op, I had extremely (dangerous) high blood pressure. I have never had this high blood pressure in my life (even when I went to the emergency room for kidney stone attacks). I went to another doctor to see if they could help with the blood pressure and they have given me some medication to help (basically a water pill). He sent me for blood work and it came back as having extremely high levels of blood glucose. Can't kidney stones be causing these issues? These stones are large and stuck in my kidney and now I'm having these issues. (The kidney stones I have had in the past have never passed through. I have always at to have a lithotripsy.) I don't want to be diagnosed with diabetes nor do I want the high blood pressure "on my record". What can or should be done?
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