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Hi, new to sight.Looking for answers desperately!
History kidney infection shy of 3 months ago.
Have gone back to doc complaining back still hurts and am fatigued. Had ultrasound-all good.
3 weeks ago hit with extreme pain. went to ER given pain med go home.
The pain is located right back, below right rib-sometime feels as if swollen. Pain never goes away completely, will intensify.
Pain also shifts location. Can radiate to left.Also pelvic tailbone area-like heat or pinched heat.
When I pee i have to push and feel like pulled muscles on left side. Most of the time I am having frequent and loose bowel movement when i do pee but this is usually just in the morning > I have very little appetite but will force myself to eat supper with my kids.
Here's the most annoying I am Tired all day. Sleeping 8-10 hours uninterrupted. My eyes look sick and they are sore.
Because of the tiredness and pain I have not been at work for 12 days.
Doc thinks it maybe kidney stone of they are stuck. Anyone else have these symptoms or know what's up.I  so want my life back.
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You should talk to your doctor about getting a higher-resolution scan such as a CT Scan or MRI on your abdominal area.  Either of these tests should confirm whether or not you have a kidney stone.  Also, you did not mention whether you had any blood tests done.

I would go back to the ER if you're not getting anywhere with the doctor.


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I have just about the same symptoms as you.  I had a nasty kidney infection in feb.  Since then the pain has stayed with me, but it was tolerable.  Now over the past three weeks, the pain has gotten worse again.  I am probably about a day or two away from going to the ER myself cause the pain is so bad.  I was in the hospital for 5 days last time, so I really want to avoid that.  

I have been to 3 urologists in the past few weeks.  None have yet been able to give me a reason for all this pain.  I am waiting on my latest culture results which i think will be positive for bacteria this time.  But over the past few months i have had 3 CT scans, one VCU test, and numerous cultures.  All showed nothing but the office urine test showed a large number of white blood cells in my urine....that usually indicates an infection.  Also a little bit of blood.  

I am at my wits end here.  I keep on going to these doctors and they dont have a clue!  The only thing they have not investigated as far as i know is IC(painful bladder syndrom).  If this test comes back negative again, i am going to ask my doctor to test me for that.  I have read that it can cause kidney pain along with a lot of other symptoms.  

I feel for you cause I am in the same boat.  I am 30 years old and never had any health problems.  Now, I cant work, eat, or live my life.  I have a hard time just taking my dog for a walk around the block.

Let me know if you get any answers.  I will let you know what my doctors say as well.  Maybe we can help each other get well??  Good luck!!!
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go get a MRI or CT scan or have them inject your blood vessels with dye to locate stones
if you have stones in ur kidney and they are stuck then get a lithotripsy(walk in the park)
mabe your gal-bladder needs to be taken out?? i dont know for sure im not a dr but good luck and take care
sheri in montana
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I just went to Doc to CT result. I do have one stone 3mm in left kidney- says should be causing me pain. He figures I been passing other stones and just haven't noticed.Also have cyst 4cm on left ovary- could cause some pain- just wait, it should go away. Also lymph nodes on right side by colon are all swollen- this could be causing me a lot of pain- says this also should just go away.Swollen lymph nodes, doesn't this mean body is fighting some type of infection.UGG!
Here's my rant- I'm tired most of the day, he has no answer for the fatigue.he did blood test(b-12, mono, not sure what else but said blood test all normal) .My back still hurts(intensity changes) just below right kidney-feels swollen sometimes(I feel like I could just reach in and grab something).Then pain flanking tailbone. I actually told my doc that I did sit-ups and push-up in front of my husband to prove that it's internal, just doesn't feel like muscle pain or strain! my big rant is I can manage the pain but the fatigue, it sucks. . He has book a barium Ct  for in 8 weeks, its a wait here.
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Decided to see a natural path. Hope this might help others.
Well I did have luck with the natural path. he was able to explain all my symptoms. Everything is related to hormones. Estrogen, cortisol?, and thyroid.he drawed a diagram and walked me step by step through  every symptom and why.
I didn't mention that I have hypothyroidism(thyroid is non active)- I've had it for 14 years and just don't think about it , it's just part of my life. Anyway he has me on 2 supplements for my thyroid and 1 for estrogen and some other one. I can happily say that my back pain is almost nill. I am still getting tired but not till the lat after noon, it'll take time to get back to good energy. I still have the kidney stone but he wants to wait to address this.One step at a time.
So far I am much happer and feeling like I at 80% function!
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Did you ever figure out what's wrong leny?
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I am having many similar problems as you did in 2008. All test come back negative.
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