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Left Lower Flank Pain

I have been having flank pain in my left lower back for about 2 weeks now.  I did have terrible back pain which has gotten better over this last week.  I am concerned because I have Lupus and nephritis. I have never had this type of pain before and I wondering if anyone else has.  I am thinking about going to ugent care, but really don't want to for nothing.  Money is really tight right now, and I have an appt with Nephrology in about 2 weeks.  My last UA about a month ago showed blood, white blood cells, and hyline cast...whatever that is.  Any info would be great
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Flank pain is usually from either the kidney or the muscles in the area. Flank pain related to the kidneys can be caused by stones or infection. If the pain is getting worse  and with your history of nephritis, it is best that you have this evaluated by your  doctor. You could call and have your appointment earlier. A urinalysis and ultrasound can also provide useful information in determining the diagnosis.

Take care and keep us posted.
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