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Living with 1 kidney

I recently had a kidney removed.  I had a large kidney stone removed and during that surgery the tube was torn when it was dilated.  The tube was never the same again and could not be repaired.

I asked the urologist if I had any restrictions and all he said was "no, you can live a normal life".

I want to know if there are any foods or medications I should stay away from that may have some affect on the kidneys.  For years I've heard carbonated drinks were not good for the kidneys (I don't drink a lot of them anyway), but others tell me that is not true.

I know some OTC medications warn you not to take them if you have kidney disease.  Even though I don't have a kidney disease, I don't want to take anything that may affect the kidney.

Is there any food/medication I should avoid as a precaution?  I'm 40 and I want to make sure I keep my remaining kidney healthy for years to come.
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My husband had a kidney removed aged 17 years because it was not working.  He is now 38 year old and has never had any problems kidney related since.  Honestly dont worry.  People donate kidneys every day.  I am sure you will be fine although I can understand it is a difficult time for you to have gone through.
Can I kindly ask you how is your husband now? Could you please give me some updates? Thank you
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Thanks for the info.  Docs say I can "live a normal life" and I believe that, but it's kinda scary to begin with - not knowing what to expect.    I just make sure all my doctors know I only have 1 kidney if they try to prescribe any medication.  Don't want to take anything that could have an adverse affect on the kidney(s).
Can I kindly ask you how is your husband now? Could you please give me some updates? Thank you
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Did your husband ever experience "kidney pain" where the kidney was removed.  In the past few weeks I've had some pain in my back/side where the kidney was removed.  It's the same type of pain I had when the tube in the kidney was starting to close up.  I've noticed this happens when I have a very full bladder.

I was just wondering if he experienced this and if it was normal.
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May I ask how large was the stone that they removed?
I am going for and x-ray Friday for a stone that I have had for several yrs and they said if it was too big they would have to do surgery to remove it.
Kinda nervous.
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The stone was 4cm.  I had no idea I even had a stone.  Personally I think the reason my kidney was removed was because of a rupture in the tube.  When they went in to dialate the tube the stone was close to the tube and it ended up cutting/tearing the tube.  I had several stints put in to try to repair the tube but it could not be repaired.

Keep me posted on your condition.  I'll keep you in my prayers.
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Well I found out i have two stones in the right kidney. The Dr. is sending me to see a urologist. Either I have them blasted out by an ultra sound or I have the surgery to remove them. I am nervous with the ultra sound because yrs ago a Tech told me to avoid it at all costs. Not sure why?
Any thoughts?
I'd rather be knocked out and have the suckers removed than half sedated under an ultra sound machine blasting at my kidneys.
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As far as I know I've only had the 1 stone and it was surgically removed.  I do know several people that have had theirs blasted out and they say it's no big deal.  My Aunt constantly produces kidney stones and she has to have some blasted every few months, the ones she can't pass.  She makes it sound like it's no big deal.  I do know she is allergic to the dye they use when doing the x-rays and she has to take something before she has the x-rays.  But as far as I know she does not need anything before blasting the stones.

I felt worse after the surgery to remove the stone than I did when I had the kidney removed.  I was in the hospital longer with the stone removal too.  I don't know if this was because of the tube being damaged or not.

Either way you will be OK.  This is pretty much routine now days.  I know people that had stones surgically removed and were cut from front to back.  I only had 1 small incision in the back to remove my stone and that didn't require any stitches.

I can check with my aunt and get her take on blasting the stones.
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