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Lower Back Pain around kidneys

Two months ago, I went on a version of the South Beach or old Atkins diet.  Mostly protein, little or no carbs.  I have lost 10 lbs and until this week, my blood sugar levels appeared to be dropping.  I have type 2 Diabetes controlled with diet and glucovance medication.  I do little or no exercise.  Last Thursday I started feeling tired and my lower back, near my kidneys on both sides hur from the inside.  I took tylenol and it helped control the pain, somewhat.  Friday I ran a fever of 99 and Saturday it went as high as 101, with me resting all day, no work, didn't go anywhere, except drugstore for more tylenol. I was still eating mostly protein...steak, green beans, hamburgers no buns, lettuce and tomatoes.  The pain seemed to go away on Sunday, but 3 hours at work (desk job), the pain returned full blown.  Called to try and see my doctor, but I go to a city health clinic, so it was the following morning before I could see anyone, then only a nurse practitioner.  Far be it from me to put down anyone, but she had to be all of 25 and she said I was suffering from a muscle skeletol problem, probably just "old age".  She's very luck to still be walking, because I wanted to flatten her, right on the spot.  The previous night I spent awake and crying, because the tylenol didn't help the pain.  I was angry, tired and worried.  I had no infection, no fever and no elevated white blood cell count, the urine specimen appeared to be okay. They sent it off to have a culture done on it, but it looked okay to the clinic staff.  I have no pain when urinating, I have no naseau or vomitting or diarhea.  Other than the pain that feels like it is way inside of me and radiating out, that's my only sympton.  This morning I woke up and I felt 100% better.  The only thing I changed was the fact that I started eating more carbs, which I had previously eleminated from my diet.
Has anyone heard of such pain,do you know what causes it, and am I going to have it forever, or is it a one time thing?
Any suggestions would be helpful.  I don't know where to turn for help. eva
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Who knows your body better then u????U know how much pain u r in & I go through the same thing @ times & they tell me muscle pain but seeing as I have had kidney infections since I was 16 & stones almost monthly since I was 25 & I am now 30!!!!!w/ a dilated kidney so somethings wrong just cause they can't c the problem doesn't mean it doesn't exist I had fevers as high as 104.9 blood in urine chills 1 day & the next day perfectly normal & sometimes my tests even came back normal when obviously something wasn't & then I had them start off telling me it was muscle strain & it turned out kidney stone  so don't listen 2 that if u don't feel well seek another dr could also b a diet that causes it I know Alli causes kidney stones & also somethings we eat & drink can cause em as well so feel better & hope this doesn't happen 2 u again r u find a dr that can tell u
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