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Lower back pain and abdomen, no bacteria, no stones

A month a go a started feeling pulsating pain in my abdomen on the right side. I went to doctor and he ordered full blood work and urinalysis. Results came back ok except for erythrocytes  in the urine(4-6), no leukocytes, no proteins, no nitrates  the pain subsided that day but the next day I started feeling sharp pain in my lower abdomen and lower back. Sometimes from one side sometimes both sides hurt. Urine frequency and urgency started so i went to doctor again and he prescribed antibiotics for 7 days suspecting of UTI. Urine frequency and urgency symptoms calmed down but the pain never got away. I got Pain when urinating starting from my back and radiates to the bladder. It was getting more and more severe. After i finished with antibiotics waited 5 days and then went for urine-culture check up. It came back negative. But urine frequency and urgency symptoms started right after so I went to internist. Ultrasound of abdomen showed little sand in both my kidneys but nothing to worry about or causing symptoms. I was diagnosed with cystitis according to symptoms and prescribed 10 days of antibiotics.  Again urgency to urinate and frequency calmed down but the pain not. Because I started feeling nausea accompanying my pain I one again went to doctor and made X-ray (native, no contrast) of the urinary tract  and showed no evidence of stones. Urine analyses once again showed erythrocytes  (2-3), positive for Epithelial cells, positive for bacteria. Leukocytes 5-6 (normal from 3-10) . No nitrates or crystals.
I'm waiting results from urine culture but I expect that it will be negative.. Meanwhile I went to OBGYN, she performed colposcopy, ultrasound, took sample for STDS and everything is negative. Still waiting for PAP results. I have endometriousis on my right ovary but I have it  3 years or maybe more. Never had that much problems from it.
I don't know what else to do, I'm scared that I might have cancer:(
I've lost 5kg weight since all this started and I have no appetite at all and I loose weight even I'm eating plenty. The pain is frustrating. It gets worse on cold and better when I'm home and resting. Any suggestions?
I'm 32.
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Update: I've got urine culture results. No signs of bacteria
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