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Lower right back pain above hips

Lightly pressing on it makes the pain worse also at the bottom right of my back where the rib cage ends there is a large lump the doctor said was just a bone not sure if that relevant or not.. but this lower right back pain is constant and has been for the past week sometimes pretty severe but i have a high pain tolerance so i wouldnt know if it was to severe. My legs have been randomly giving out on me has happened 5 times this past week no trouble urinating but there are lots of bubbles and seems somewhat cloudy starting today ive been shivering alot in 82 degree temp where im normally sweating and not cold at all if anything to hot; ive had two of these weird "attacks" where i feel sick but its hard to describe.. its not a nauseated sick its just a really really weird feeling that seems to reside in my upper area and on the second "attack" i had a metallic nasty taste in my mouth no diabetes or low blood pressure or high i do not think i have a fever but i havent checked; covered in a thick blanket and im still cold and slightly shivering it hurts to sit up straight it feels like something is adding pressure to the kidney or of the sorts shortness of breath for the past week or 2 to the point where i cant even finish my yawns that my body forces me to do to catch up the lack of oxygen sometimes like 50 yawns a day and only like 4 are successful full yawns; what are your takes on this? Seeing doctor tuesday no abdominal swelling; Any guesses? Before i even thought of it being related to the kidney i usually have back pains that start in lower and by the end of the day are at the upper back but just today and yesterday i could literally located the pain to a specific part inside my body like i knew or know exactly where it was at and coming from i just have a gut feeling it was the kidney on my right side i knew it without even having to touch the area to confirm the pain increase. Or i could be completely wrong it not be kidney related at all but thats why im posting here hoping for some sort of answer other then "go to the doctor" or "i dont know" anything like that id prefer you not to respond. My eyes also randomly "cross" but i suppose cross isnt the right word but im sure that irrelevant too but blinking doesnt make them go back to normal i have to concentrate to return them to focus being how the last part most likely isnt kidney related i dont expect a response about that. But thanks in advance for whomever comments
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How are you?  Lower right back pain or flank pain may be associated with kidney infection as well as possible musculoskeletal issues. Kidney infection may present with any of the following symptoms: back/flank pain, fever, difficulty urinating or urinary urgency. To determine the underlying cause, diagnostic tests such as urine test or imaging studies of the back may help. A referral to an ophthalmologist may also help evaluate your eye issues. Direct clinical examination is important. Take care and do keep us posted.
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