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Medullary Sponge Kidney Necrosis Papilary and appling for S. S. Disablity

I have Medullary Sponge Kidney Necrosis Papilary this was found in 05 In the last t ... [More] wo and ahalf years my pain from blood in my unrine and kidney stones has become unbearable, My Dr. no longer even wants me on my feet, I applied for S. S. Disablity and was turned down. my last blood work up showed my BUN was 3 very low and my urine showed +2 blood amount.. I am going to call a Lawyer in the morning, I dont understand how they could turn me down when I see a pain mamagement Dr. who has me on Oxycontin 60mg 3 times a day and Oxycodone 30mg 3 times a day for brake through pain....I held a postion of lead person in the welding Department for 18 years, the pain started getting bad a few years ago thats when the kidney stones started coming bad..I moved down to the lowest paid job with in the plant cleaning restrooms and lunch areas just to be able to keep my job, I was willing to take a 6 dollar an hour cut in pay if it may it easier on my body and I could continue working. Then the day came when it got so bad I couldnt even drive myself home from work I was so weak, I came home not even haveing the strenght to bath or shower, I would buy those throw away wash cloths from wal-mart in order to be able to get ready for bed in 10 min. as I was so exshausted from standing on my feet all day..Please if anybody can tell me anything to help me in getting my S.S. Disablity to be approved please get in touch with me..I had to give my husbands email address for some reason it wouldnt take mine but mine is ***@****  Go Bless You for taking the time to read this, anything you could tell me to help I would be so greatful for. God Bless You and Thank You..Jessica French [Less]
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