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Medullary Sponge Kidney

I just got the results of some tests,  the ultra sound showed medullary sponge kidney,  several stones,  204 was the protein in the 24 hr urine.  and the gfr went from 57 to 60.  I have been referred to a kidney specialist. Not sure what all this means except for more waiting..........Any idea's?

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I would highly encourage you to come over and join our MSK community on this board!  There are a lot of us here that can answer you questimes too!

I personally have MSK more stones then they can count, chronic infection and pain, and also interstitial cystits and pelivic congestion syndrome!  I posted several reseach article links on posts on that site that also might help you!

I do hope you will join, ask questions and read the posts already there too and they may answers a lot of you questions!

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