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Microalbumin Test Results

I just rec'd my test results back.

Creatinine Random: 55
Microalbumin/Creat Ratio Rnd ur: 4
Microalbumin: .2
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What is the unit for your microalbumin level ? Is this .2 g or 200 mg ?

What is the unit for your creatinine level , is this in mg/dl?

I would assume that this is quantitative urine microalbumin level and not blood levels.

If this is the first time that these tests were done? You may need to be closely followed up by your physician.The microalbumin levels and creatinine levels may be repeated a few times in the next three months.It is also necessary to determine serum BUN levels , serum electrolyte levels, a complete blood count, and an ultrasound of the kidneys. Fasting blood sugar should also be determined.Your gomerular filtration rate should be computed for baseline reference.

How old are you?

Do your have any underlying diabetes or hypertension?

Do you have any symptoms which warrant the perfomance of these tests?

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its was .2 mg/dl and the Creatineine level was also in mg/dl.  I have pre-diabetes and this is the first time that I have had this test done.
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I am 36
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Your creatinine level is elevated and with your current prediabetic state, this requires close follow up in the next 3 months. Your protein to creatinine ratio is also elevated which suggests that you are passing high amounts of protein in your urine. This needs further evaluation and there should be a more aggressive approach in monitoring your prediabetic state.

Your serum BUN level is also essential. The presence of microalbuminuria also suggests that you may need to have this closely watched and followed up in the next 2-3 months. Your blood sugar levels also need to be controlled. Dietary modification and an exercise regimen need to be met.

You may need a referral to an endocrinologist for your prediabetic state as well as close supervision by a nephrologist is indicated.
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Lady you have no Idea what you are talking about...I just called my endocrinologist scared to death of what you said above and he told me that all my readings are in range, my ratio is 4 anything less 30 is normal, my creatinine levels are 55 any within 20-340 is considered normal, and finally Microalbumin levels are POINT 2 anything close to 0 is the best...mine was 0.2mg you can't get any closer to 0 then that.  I just wanted to let you know what a scare you gave me, and that my doctor said there was nothing wrong with my readings.
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I apologize for this misunderstanding. The reason why I have asked for the units of measurements involved is to avoid situations like this. Firstly, with regards to the creatinine. You have posted a creatinine level of 55 mg/dl. Given that this is in mg/dl , blood creatinine levels are expressed in mg/dl. Blood crea levels have a normal range given below.If we use this to assess your crea levels (at 55) , this will appear highly elevated. But urine creatinine levels will show acceptable values which is  normal at greater than 20 mg/dl.

Blood creatinine levels:
 Adult men: 0.6 to 1.3 mg/dl
 Adult women: slightly lower than men due to less muscle mass
 Children: 0.2 to 1.0 mg/dl
Source: http://www.chfpatients.com/tests/routine_tests.htm#creatinine

Urine Crea levels:
Consistent with normal human urine
(If the creatinine value is greater than 20mg/dL.)
Source: http://sdrl.com/tech_briefs/UrineCreatinine.html


With regards to the microalbumin values,you have posted 0.2 mg/dl.Apparently mg/dl is not the unit of measure here. It is micrograms per mg creatinine:

Category Spot collection ( microgms/mg creatinine)
Normal  300

Source: http://courses.washington.edu/hubio562/urinaly/proteinuria.html

This I would say was another misunderstanding. I apologize.


As with , the albumin and creatinine ratio,the units of measures here will vary with  the normal range of reference values .Creatinine may be expressed in gram and mmol. Given that the creatinine is in mmol ,albumin and creatinine ratio of greater than 2-3 may actually need further evaluation.

“It is noteworthy that the currently quoted adult reference range for ACRs in the non-pregnant population is up to 3.4mg of albumin/mmol creatinine ….”

Source: http://www.clinsci.org/cs/104/0103/cs1040103.htm

“In a non-pregnant diabetic population, an early morning urine (EMU) specimen with an (micro)albumin/creatinine ratio (ACR) of >3mg/mmol reliably predicts an overnight excretion of 300µg/min. If such a ratio is greater than 1mg/mmol, then it is mandatory to collect a 24-h sample of urine to quantify the albuminuria ….”

Source: http://www.clinsci.org/cs/104/0103/cs1040103.htm

Given that the creatinine is expressed in grams,interpretation of Urine Albumin to Creatinine Ratio presents as:

Normal Ratio (in general <30 mg/g is normal)

Men: < 0.017 (or 17 mg albumin to 1 gram Creatinine)
Women: <0.025 (or 25 mg albumin to 1 gram Creatinine)

This shows that your urine albumin to crea ratio is within normal.

The reason why I posted increased protein excretion in the urine is that you have mentioned that creatinine is in mg/dl and your albumin also in mg/dl, given this, blood protein to creatinine ratio shows that “a ratio of 2.5 suggests the presence of nephrotic range proteinuria. Therefore the urine protein-to creatinine ratio is used to estimate the degree of proteinuria.”

I apologize for this misunderstanding. It is essential to indicate the correct units of measurements as laboratory values do vary in some cases between laboratories. Especially for examinations not done routinely, this may lead to misunderstandings. It is good to know that everything is normal and thank you for pointing this out.

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My MicroAmbulin, UR is 27 - standard is < 20 mg/L

My Crea is 17 standard is < 30

My Microambulin UR was 20 a year ego.

This shows that I didn't do a good job controlling my diabetes.

Made modifications to my diet and got additional ned from the dr.

Will sgare with the group results in 3 months or so.
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I got additional Medication.
Also got back to routine workouts.

My BP is 130 over 80 - the same for 30 years now.
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i am diabetic for15 years male 55,i had blood and urine test ,mybun,creatinine serum and creatinine urine are normal range but the microalb is high ,why in your opinion ,many thanks
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I just had a urinalysis done for dru test and it came back negative with the exception my creatinine level was 18.8mg/dl they called it dilute specimen, and I don't drink hardly any water.  Any ides as to why?  I am 47 and have hep-C and high blood pressure.  Also  I am from Utica N.Y., born and raised on Howard ave, and are u?
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I just received my results on a serum and urine test.  I was wondering if there is anything to be concerned about or perhaps followed up on.

Total Protein:    6.4                                 Based off: g/dL
Albumin:            4.1
Alpha 1:             0.2                                    
Alpha 2:             0.8
Beta - 1:             0.5
Beta - 2:             0.2
Gamma:             0.6
Albumin             64.7
Alpha 1                2.7 -------Abnormal   Reference Range: 3-6%
Alpha 2                12.5
Beta 1                   7.8
Beta 2                    3.5
Gamma                  8.8----------Abnormal - Reference Range: 9-20%

The interpretattion says normal protein electrophoresis pattern. No evidence of Monoclonal Immunoglobulin (paraprotein).


Protein UPE <6                                      Based off: mg/dl

Urine total protein <60                           Based off: 0-120 mg/L
Albumin                     49
Alpha 1                       13
Alpha 2                      17
Beta 1                        11
Beta 2                          3
Gamma                       7
Interpretation: Urine protein electrophoresis pattern shows the presence of Albumin and trace amounts of other protein fractions.
No evidence of excretion of Monoclonal proteins or monoclonal light chains.

Medical Info.

48 Years old...Female.
Type 1 diabetic
Vit D. Defecency
Epilepsy - Tramatic Brain Injury
White Matter Disease
Minimal High Blood Pressure
Severe Neurogenic Bladder

I had 26 vials of blood tested and a 24 hour urine test about 2 months ago in preparation for a spinal tap.  The spinal was cancelled for unrelated reasons.  My 24 hour urine test came back with high protein and blood in the urine (this has been on-going for years).  My neurologist had a fit and ordered this test.  See results above.

I was diagnosed with White Matter Disease after two years of MRI results.  The Spinal was because of suspicion of Multiple Sclerosis. I did have the Lumbar Puncture this past Tuesday and no results yet.

At this time I am confussed what all they are looking for, did they find anything and why is this so important to my doctor.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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