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Mom with CKD not getting answers

My mom has a lot of health issues, multiple strokes, open heart surgery, chf, cirrhosis caused by chf, pulmonary hypertenstion , illeostomy due to mega toxin colon, atrial fib, chronic low sodium,  fluid restriction of 1700 cc a day has been on that for over a year, pureed foods, controlled hypertension she is only 69. I am not getting answers from her primary doctor. Her GFR has been dropping weekly 4 weeks ago 59, then 46, then 43, now 39.. Her bun and creation also off. Isn't that a quick drop for the GFR?? What do we do?? Not a candidate for anything, no surgeries and she has already said no dyalisis. Please help...
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Her liver is likely to be her kidney's primary problem. This is typical with ESLD and portal hypertension starving the kidney's of blood. A new liver would be of great help. Is this something that you can pressure her doctors about? I realize her health is an issue but a new liver may correct many of those problems.
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Because of all her other issues any surgery is out of the question. Her doctors office called today and said she is to dry and that's what's causing all the levels to be off. Is that possible?
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Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what's causing what. The dehydration maybe causing her kidney issues or are the kidneys are causing the fluid balance problems. Keep an eye on her sodium levels, it's a very tricky balancing act. I was on fluid restriction myself but nothing near the length of your mom, she's a warrior for sure.
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She has had chronic low sodium now for almost 2 years, now it is staying around 129 130 instead of 122 124. Her doctor changed some medicines and today was the first day off of metalazone and her legs are swelling g more already. Her first major stroke was 32 years ago she has been with me for 27 years, I try to stay on top of thing but I am afraid we are losing the battle.
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