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Hello ,I am 45 years old man , I work out every day . last year I had a renal stone ,when I did sonography  I realized I have only one kidney .my BP=130/90, I take enalopril 10mg BD,  serum creatinin=1.3 ,U/A=normal ,CBC=normal , 24urine creatinin clearance=192 ,
my questions are :
1- does the serum creatinin affect by exercise?
2- how much is the normal serum creatinin in solitary congenital kidney ?
3- is this creatinin clearance normal for my condition ?
4- do you have any recommendation for me ?
5- how I can communicate with other people like me ?
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The body can function just fine on one healthy kidney. Continue to get your levels checked but there is a good chance as long as the kidney stones don't get worse that you'll be fine. There are dietary things you can do to avoid stones if I remember correctly. Its been a long time since I had my stone. I think one thing was to avoid tea. Worth googling.

I don't know what your levels mean. My kidney doctor just gave me the GFR rating which is a general rating of kidney function.

Exercise affects creatinin levels but exercise is recommended for people with kidney disease, especially since it helps cardio vascularly and the high blood pressure is more dangerous. Don't go drinking the creatinin energy powder drinks though if you are having clearance issues.

My advice is to go back to the doctor with your questions and get them to explain it all to you. There is a lot you can do if you are at the beginning stages of kidney dysfunction, mainly dietary.

Until then keep your protein moderate (which someone should do anyway). You shouldn't be eating anymore meat than the size of your fist. (this is for a healthy person. if you have severe kidney function issues that amount gets reduced)
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