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Not sure what all this means

I just received my results on a serum and urine test.  I was wondering if there is anything to be concerned about or perhaps followed up on.

Total Protein:    6.4                                 Based off: g/dL
Albumin:            4.1
Alpha 1:             0.2                                    
Alpha 2:             0.8
Beta - 1:             0.5
Beta - 2:             0.2
Gamma:             0.6
Albumin             64.7
Alpha 1                2.7 -------Abnormal   Reference Range: 3-6%
Alpha 2                12.5
Beta 1                   7.8
Beta 2                    3.5
Gamma                  8.8----------Abnormal - Reference Range: 9-20%

The interpretattion says normal protein electrophoresis pattern. No evidence of Monoclonal Immunoglobulin (paraprotein).


Protein UPE <6                                      Based off: mg/dl

Urine total protein <60                           Based off: 0-120 mg/L
Albumin                     49
Alpha 1                       13
Alpha 2                      17
Beta 1                        11
Beta 2                          3
Gamma                       7
Interpretation: Urine protein electrophoresis pattern shows the presence of Albumin and trace amounts of other protein fractions.
No evidence of excretion of Monoclonal proteins or monoclonal light chains.

Medical Info.

48 Years old...Female.
Type 1 diabetic
Vit D. Defecency
Epilepsy - Tramatic Brain Injury
White Matter Disease
Minimal High Blood Pressure
Severe Neurogenic Bladder

I had 26 vials of blood tested and a 24 hour urine test about 2 months ago in preparation for a spinal tap.  The spinal was cancelled for unrelated reasons.  My 24 hour urine test came back with high protein and blood in the urine (this has been on-going for years).  My neurologist had a fit and ordered this test.  See results above.

I was diagnosed with White Matter Disease after two years of MRI results.  The Spinal was because of suspicion of Multiple Sclerosis. I did have the Lumbar Puncture this past Tuesday and no results yet.

At this time I am confussed what all they are looking for, did they find anything and why is this so important to my doctor.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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You blood tests look pretty much ok with the exception of the alpha 1 is low,but not too low,the alpha 1 should be 3.6 and yours is 2.7,your on the low side of indeffeciency,but I do have a couple of Q's for you.Do you smoke?Have you been diagnosed w/ emphysema or COPD?These are things that would cause Alpha 1 to be low.You have also been diagnosed with Neurogentic Bladder,do you have to catherize yourself to completely empty your bladder?And last is the White Matter disease,is you cholesterol high or your blood pressure?These are factors that play a role in white matter disease,also head injuries will cause this.What were the results of your spinal tap?
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By the way your urine test numbers are all where they should be,everything is within normal limits.
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Thanks for your response.  Sorry, it took me so long to write back but I just found your post.
Several things have happened since I wrote this.
The grey matter disease is cause by my TBI when I was a kid. I just received my spinal tap reports and no MS!  Thank heavens!  They did find in my (urine, blood and spinal fluid), that my IGg, IGm, IgA and all of the weird sounding stuff is way off.  

Apprently, that was what the fuss was about.  Since I had the spinal they have been sending me in every other week for blood and urine tests and these imunoglobulins (?) have been dropping like a rock.  They say I have Primary Immunodefeciency.

I will be seeing an immunologist this Tuesday.  None of this is a real big surprise to me and I am not overly concerned.  I have had every kind of infection you can imagine and like now, I have three seperate ones at the same time. I am currently taking antibiotics but still getting something new (bug).  So...I have no idea..at least they found nothing bad.

I am assuming they are going to tell me that I get colds and pneumonia easy....probably going to  cost me an extra couple of hundred dollars to hear what I already know!  LOL...

Oh....No empysema and no COPD.  Nothing like that..Just colds, flu, pneumonia and all that kind of junk...no asthma either.

Thanks for your response, it is nice to have someone reply.
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