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Nutcracker Syndrome

I have been having left abdominal pain for a while.  I was diagnosed with a mild Crohn's last year.  So, the GI dr decided to do a repeat CT scan this last week to check on things.  Turns out everything with the Crohn's is fine, but I had some abnormalities.  Kidney stones in both kidneys, small lesion on the liver, and something with my arteries in the left kidney resulting in Nutcracker syndrome... I had an ultrasound to check the flow in the kidney and they decided that indeed the CT scan and the Ultrasound showed impingement in that area.  The vascular surgeon spoke with me and said that since I have no blood in my urine, I don't have an "exciting" case of this Nutcracker syndrome.  Bottom line is, I'm having bad left abdominal pain with low back pain.  The urologist and hepatologist is supposed to call me to get in.  Right now i'm just confused, in pain, and want some answers.  Anyone know anything about this syndrome?
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Hey, I have just had surgery to correct my Nutcracker Syndrome.  I had all the aches you are talking about, but I also had a heavy pulling in my uterus.  It hurt when I walked too much, or climbed stairs.  It took forever to get my diagnosis.  I actually diagnosed myself, and had doctors check me for it only to discover I did have it.  I really think that nutcracker gets worse with age.  Veriscosities start to develop causing chronic pain.  if you go to my journal entry, you will see my surgery scar and you can read my story.  Where do you live??  A lot of doctors do not know about this syndrome since it is so rare and are scared to preform the surgery.  My doctor is wonderful!  He is a vascular surgeon and his name is Dr. Ralf Dilley located in San Diego, Ca @ Scripps in La Jolla.
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Hi, I'm 38 years old, near Chicago, IL. Have suffered from severe chronic pelvic pain for 8 months now, finally met a vascular surgeon who thinks I have nutcracker syndrome, had a venogram done by an interventional radiologist, will see dr. next week to discuss surgery. Thinking about putting a stent in the left renal vein to keep it open, and embolizing several pelvic veins. Doc says painful for a few days afterward while recovering, then I should be ok. How was your surgery? What did docs do? How did you feel afterwards and when did you feel better? I have 4 kids (ages 11,9,8 and 4) and really have had a hard time enjoying them or life in general since January - too much pain. Hoping this surgery works. Let me know about yours please. Thanks. Lori D.
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Did you ever get help for your nutcracker? I see you posted in April of 2009. Let me know and I can share what I'm going through now for nutcracker and pelvic congestion syndrome. Good Luck. Hope you're feeling better.
Sincerely, Lori D.
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My name Shauna, I live in San Diego, I was diagnosed with PCS. I just had emoblisation and during the procedure they a did venogram. It was found that I did have Nutcracker Syndrome. My procedure was on Tuesday, I'm trying to find out if I need to have further procedures done. The radiologist said he fixed it (with embolisation) but I'm skeptical. I contacted a few Vascular Surgeons on my own to see if they would review my case and give me an opinion on a stent or surgery. Lymeball said in an email you were having a stent. What did your radiologist say? If you don't mind sharing.

Thank you,
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My daughter (20 yrs.) has been diagnosed with NCS. We are speaking with various surgeons about possible treatments. Most of the cases I've read about that were posted by patients, are reflecting negative experiences. I'm curious to hear about if your surgery improved your condition and whether you have experienced complications.
Thank you.
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