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One kidney

I am 73 and healthy other than golf ball size mass on right kidney.  My urologist says that only entire removal of same with be the right thing to do.  I am extremely concerned as to my quality of life after that.  He told me I would be back to normal in one month.  Anyone here have any advice for me?

Thank you.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. Your doctor has recommended kidney removal to prevent the tumor from spreading. People are born with a single kidney and may not be aware of it. It is sometimes detected accidentally. The single kidney usually compensates for the functionality. So, don’t worry. Only take care to keep risk factors like diabetes and hypertension under check and also treat any urinary infections promptly. Please discuss all your doubts with your consulting doctor before consenting for surgery.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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I have been there.  My tumor was Stage 4 on my left kidney.  Means it was growing a long time before it was found.  Probably 7 years per my doctor.  I had the surgery in 2004.  The incision was from the center of my breast down just past my button.  The first 2 years I had follow up care with oncology every 6 months, then once a year, still ongoing now.  No treatment such as radiation etc.  The longer you wait to have it removed the stronger the chance it may spread.  For the first 8 years after surgery I had no problems, except diet changes.  I totally gave up sweets, sugar, salt.   Keeps you from complications down the road.  I am 72 years old.  I have other medical problems which complicate the one kidney issue, but I have a niece who had a kidney removed when she was 18.  She is 56 now and has no problems.  Her kidney was removed due to injuries from an automoile accident.  She is the one who told me to give up the sweets, closely watch the salt intake.    Hang in there and listen to your doctor.  He wants what is best for you.
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Thank you for your reply.  It made me feel better, for now.
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Thank you for your reply.  I am having laparscopic removal. (Sounds like yours was radical.  Must have been a long recovery.) 95% chance it is malignant but dr. says it is contained inside the kidney and has not spread.
That is why he wants to remove whole kidney.  I hope he is right. You gave me hope that I may have live longer.  Good luck to both of you.  It sure is a stressful situation....the "unknown".
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