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I have been suffering for quite awhile now and I really just don't know what else to do. I have been to the doctor, ER. etc. Normally I have been flushing fluid out of my system (by running to the ladies room) 25 times a day on average.
I had an ultrasound that showed calcium deposits on both kidneys and a mass 1.3 cm or something like that on another. My doctor sent me for a CT scan with contrast. The hospital was supposed to order blood work first, but they did not. I have had regular CTs before with no reaction to contrast. However, I also had to drink contrast. I had been feeling pretty dehydrated anyways lately, and every morning was waking up with a baking soda taste in my mouth. I crave salt sometimes abnormally in my opinion, and am thirsty most the time abnormally. I was also waking up early to have to "go to the little girl's room" I got sick the very next morning waking up vomiting for part of the day. For three days I had diarrhea, by the third day it stopped because I had nothing left in me even though I was drinking fluids and eating a little here and there to make sure I didn't get worse. I have had flank pain in both sides, and pain under my rib especially on my right side. I have had to go to the ER three times in the last week to be hydrated. Other than than, because I was not an acute patient they sent me home. My labs were "great" .
However, not to be gross but um it is that time of the month so they had to get catheter catches of urine.
Two times (at two different ERs) blood showed up from the Catheter sample. Supposedly the CT scan was fine. Can being so dehydrated affect the CT scan results? So does that mean the Ultrasound is completely wrong, because I know CT scans are more in depth. Why could I still be having pain? I could hardly urinate for 5 or so days. I finally started being able to go yesterday afternoon. Now I am back to the normal constipation, thirst, and baking soda taste in my mouth. When I eat sometimes, I get pain worse and a little nauseous. I have to find a new doctor that works through a different hospital far away from where I live. It is not my doctor, it is the hospital I have a real issue with. They have not been doing well with patient care round the board and not just with me. I am scared. I don't know what I should be eating or not. I don't know what is safe even to take for feeling better. I believe I reacted badly to the Contrast because something is not right with my kidneys. I really do. I was so tired of feeling like this and was so delirious by Friday I wanted to kill myself. I am ok now, but that is really the point at where I was. I don't expect much of any advice. But even a comforting word would be nice. Peace and blessings and thanks. If I have too I might even go to Ohio to get better care. I am fed up beyond fed up.
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Hi there,
I am interested in your post here. i have been through 5 kidney stone surgeries 3 where rotor rooters and 2 where  with lithotripsy broken with the machine. I can identify with your pain. So did they say anything if you have stones? x rays?
Some people can have an adverse reaction to the contrast. I would like to talk with you anytime about it.
Drop me a line. I have alot of experience with kidney stones and could maybe helpful
Be well God Bless
Ps. Mine where calcium and uric acid combo stones. After many urologists i found one from ca. Dr. Moody he practices in Colorado now ,  who really new his stuff. He said i needed to alkaline my blood to keep them from forming so he put me on Potassium Citrate 1080 mg. and i have not had any since.
it is really good for you turns out it helps fight viruses and colds.
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