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Pls help. I cant remember the last time i didnt have kidney pain.

Over the last 20 years my urine flow has got progressively slower .
Recently urodynamic studies showed that i actually do have chronic urinary retention-my bladder filled to 800mls and 650 as left.
This was a really bad day and its worse when my bladder is full.
Anyway apart from that about 5 years ago i noticed some mild back ache on my right in the mornings. i put it down to a crap mattress and getting older (am 42 now ).
I then went for a masseage and when the lady massaged by back i jumped when she tried to massage my right kidney area. Again i never really connected anything.
Then i noticed that the morning back ache on my right side (def kidney btw ) was worse if my bladder was full.
Then i enede up having several courses of antibiotics for UTI`s.
each time the antibiotics worked but my urine sample grew nothing.
I then went on low dose antibiotics forabout 18 months.
I came off these but had still required increased amounts of antibiotics regularly.
ultrasound scan and cystoscopy were normal.
I stated to self catheterize about 3 months ago just once at night.
For the first time in years i didnt have lower back bladder and right kidney pain.
Unfortunately it as just a fluke, as its back and has been for weeks now.
It just coinscided with a  period of remission which i very occassionaly get,
I wake up some mornings and its like ive got a sickness bug. The nausea washes over me in waves. The pain is not acute like kidney stones acute, it just never goes.
I cant remember the last weekend i enjoyed with my children or the last holiday i wasnt in bed with a temp, antibiotics paracetamol and brufen.
Its there all the time.
I feel like pushing my fist into my side to massage my kidney.My lower back and bladder hurt too. sometimes all together sometimes not.
Today i feel puffy.
Im now on blood pressure tablets too .
because my pekvic ultrasound was normal noone is concerned.
Ive not really had time to look after my own health for a while but now iom really thinking something is very wrong.
I have an appt with gynea/ uro specialist again end of month but im wondering if really i should be seeing a renal dr.
It cant be anything too major can it if my scan in i think nov was normal ?
Any tips most welcome
Sorry for moaning ive had enough today x
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How are you? I'm sorry to hear what you have been through for the past  years. It is good that the ultrasound and cytoscopy were normal and you are scheduled to see the gynecologist and urologist.  Kidney  pain may be caused by kidney issues, musculoskeletal conditions and even from referred pain. You may also benefit from a referral to a renal doctor. Additional diagnostic tests may need to be done to determine the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
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