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Polycystic Kidney or Something Else

In June of 2007 I went to the hospital with what I thought was a kidney infection, I had been having them alot for the past 2 years after not having them since I was a child. I had severe pain in my right side, was constipated, and nauseas. This particular time they found kidney stones, which passed. (I  had an Xray, an ultrasound, and xray with dye). In July of 2007 I had another severe attack and was hospitalized with an infection for a week. It hurt so much that I could barely talk. They found another kidney stone and I was scheduled to have it removed in September. I had several more infections/ attacks between July and Sept. In September they blasted the stone, it took me over a month to feel better. At my checkup a month later they said I still had more small stones and some cysts on my kidneys. Between then and Feb. I had many more attacks, the pain is always on my right side by my hip, it shoots down my leg. The pain continued even when they said I had no more stones. In Feb. 2008 the specialist said I had sponge kidneys. At that time I stopped eating chocolate and wheat. Although I felt the pain a bit I was pretty much attack free from Feb 08 - Oct 08. At which time I was in ER again. I had severe pain in my right side by my hip, constipation and naseau. They did an iodine CT and found no stones but they did find cysts on my kidneys, and one on my liver. They said that they think I have polycystic kidneys which the specialist ruled out in Feb 08. I was treated for a kidney infection (no burning urine or frequent peeing) The attack stopped until now. Again I have pain on my right side, by my hip, it gets worse if I put more weight on my right leg and shoots down my  leg, constipation, and naseau. (before both the attack in Oct and now I ate chocolate). One other symptom is that I burp like a drunken sailor (but I do not really fart ever). Again I am being treated for a kidney infection but the only symptom I have is pain.
Some other notes is the pain flares up when I am stressed out, and my partner and I have been trying for a baby since June 08. Everyone is focusing on my kidney but I think that my stomach is the problem. Please Help.
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I forgot to add that my appendix was normal, my liver function was normal, and my blood pressure is normal. I did have a bunch of different bacteria in my urine in Oct, as well as blood.
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I also forgot to add that I get extremely bloated every time I get an attack
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