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Possibly floating kidney? Please need your help!

Hello, I have an important question about my kidneys.  Specifically the right kidney.  I have a pain that is in my right kidney, never in my left.  The pain comes and goes.  Sometimes I can go for almost a year without this pain, but then out of the blue it will start up again.  And last for a very long time, for a year or longer.  This pain comes in waves and is always there when it is present.  It is very colicky.  Recently, this pain has come back with a vengeance!  I had to miss three days of work because of this.  I cannot pin point any time or anything specifically that triggers this pain.  It is very painful.  When it occurs I often need to grab onto something to hold myself up, I get chills, and I get nauseous.  I have had kidney stones in the past and last I checked I did have a couple very very small ones in my kidney.  But I cannot imagine that this pain is caused by these small stones, and so frequently!  I drink plenty of water like my doctor suggested.  I have had ultrasounds and xrays of both my kidney and gallbladder.  Both of these were done while I was lying down. Would they see if I had a floating kidney if I was laying down?  Do I need to be standing up for them to notice this.  I am very confused about what is going on and it is taking over my life.  Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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I wondered if you had your kidney problem fixed??? I have had a nephropexy done twice on my right kidney performed by Dr Thomas Jarrett at George Washington University.. I have seen urologist in PA and SC that did not take my condition seriously but Dr. Jarrett changed my life. It was well worth the trip however I did manage to tear it off by forgetting myself and jumping off the top of my truck bed he reattached it and placed it in a mesh net.  There are times that I feel that it may be off again but hey it lasted 8 years this time around and well worth it.  Good luck to all of you NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER LISTEN to things that make no sense to your gut...

best regards
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