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Post stent removal pain

My husband had a 9mm kidney stone removed 10 days ago through outpatient surgery and a stent put in place between his left kidney and bladder.  Three days later we returned back to the ER with severe pain and he was given a drip of baralgin and a shot of voltarin.  The stent was then removed 2 days after that (it was in for a total of 5 days) in the doctors office.  2 days after the removal of the stent we contacted the urologist because of extreme pain again in the kidney and cramping in the abdomin that came on in a matter of minutes.  We went back to the doctors office and was told this was expected and he was given another shot of voltarin.  We went home and he slept for 12 hours and woke up fine.  Now 2 days later again and he has the same pain in the kidney and cramping in the lower abdomin.  I have paged the doctor again but am wondering if this is REALLY normal.  The pain comes on in a matter of minutes and is accompanied by profuse sweating, mouth watering and sometimes vomitting.   I was not told of any surgical complications, however the CT Scan that showed the stone in the ureter also showed 2 more smaller stones still in the same kidney.   I am wondering if I need to see another urologist or is this indeed normal and expected.  I would have just assumed that is it was expected that they would have given him pain medication t come home instead of having to make trips to the ER and doctors office every 2 days!
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Hi I just got home from my doctors office, a quick history, this started eight weeks ago I've had two laser surgeries,three hospitalizations for infections,one for septic!! ,that started this whole drama!! and a total of four stones removed, sort of, the largest 9mm.and  then going down from there. This all on the left kidney, I have also had the joy of two stents one for seven days,one for THREE WEEKS, which I don't know about you, but one day was enough with a stent in!! ANY WHO!! as I was trying to get to at the start of all of this rambling is the highly annoying severe pain that will hit me very unexpectedly ,yet it always is there as a "pressure" feeling there, and it sharpens to a LARGE hot knife getting stabbed into my side lower flank or "loin" area depending on how I'm bending or twisting mostly, but then like this morning there is the projectile vomiting that will wake me from a dead sleep in the morning, or hit me in the middle of a store!! it really doesn't matter, so this morning was spent getting eight hours of I.Vs, anti - nausea , but because my bloodwork came back with in normal levels I was sent home , I will have to go back for ANOTHER c.t scan my fourth tomorrow morning, but my doctors both agree there is something going on with my kidneys,it is just a matter of time to figure it all out. Good luck, maybe it is also time for your husband to get another C.T scan,and thank you for standing by your man,caregiving is not a easy thing, just ask my frustrated and worried hubby,he has been there for me but it has not been easy!! puddles66
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