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Quick question about kidney stone symptom

I have been told that the main symptoms of a kidney stone is when the stone is in the ureter. I have felt that before, a stone moving from my kidney to my bladder twice... it was very uncomfortable but not so much excruciating.

... The pain that I have been having for 6 months has been coming from my kidney the whole time.. not my ureter. The docs diagnosed me with kidney stones are still clueless to whats going on since I have been having kidney pain, blood in my urine.... but 2 normal CT scans...

Soo...  does kidney stone symptoms mainly come from the stone in the ureter... or can they be painful in the kidney?

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I'm no expert, but when I had kidney problems last year, I had a stone trapped in my ureter, a kidney full of stones, and a bad kidney infection from being so blocked. I was definitely having pain in my kidney. Have they checked to see if you have an infection? Kidneys are so tender, I don't think it takes much to cause pain. Good luck!
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FYI...It took a renal ultrasound to find my kidney stone and cyst in the right pole of my kidney. My CT was not enough...so call your Dr. and request (tell them) that you want a  complete renal  ultrasound, also ask for a 24 hour urine test for protein levels and white blood count levels, with creatine. A blood test would also be very helpful for kidney function..  So far I have had pain in my right side...no blood yet.  I am making appts. with a nephrologist and a urologist for a wrap up on what I am supposed to do next. Also drink alot of water at least 6-8 glasses a day. Good Luck. J
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J here...continued.  I am not an expert and check with your physician before drinking water or any tests. I only offered advice from what I have read from the internet. Only do what your doctor advises and come prepared with your questions in hand. J
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Hi there,

I have had about 12 kidney stones and even when my stones are in my kidney I am having flank pain. My doctors tell me that i should not be having pain when the stones are still in the kidney. I also have blood in my urine and have had two clear CTs ... I saw a nephrologist today and he is wanting to do a 24 hour urine sample to figure out why i have blood in my urine. I will keep you posted on what happens with me.. but it is good to hear that someone else is having the same problem i am beginning to feel crazy haha! good luck and i am sorry that you are dealing with this it is definitely not fun.
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I recently had surgery to remove stones that were in the very bottom of my only kidney.  The stones were never going to pass on their own.  I had pain for quite sometime - the stones were in my kidney and yes you can have pain while they are there.  There is more pain when they pass.  I have had trouble for about 20 years!  I am 47 and had my 1st stone at the age of 25.  You're not crazy and don't let anyone tell you - you don't feel what you feel.  No one knows better than a person who has gone through it.  I will start a 24 hour urine collection in the morning.  The surgery I just had - there was more than 6 stones on my kidney and a few small ones are still there.  We are trying to figure out WHY I keep getting them.  I have passed approx. 5 within the last year.  Not counting the 6+ they removed.  I actually passed some as well.  I am really concerned because I only have the one kidney.  I hope and pray they figure out what is the problem and we can correct it.  I try not to "think ahead" but it is hard when you're in constant discomfort.  Good luck with your test and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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Wow, thanks for all of the responses!! I finally saw a urologist the other day! The doc ordered me an IVP, blood tests, and he is going to send a camera through my bladder and kidney to see where the blood is coming from. I am def not looking forward to that... ugh, lol.

I am glad to hear that other people are going through the same thing I am. It is frustrating to have all this pain and these problems and then be told "I am not sure whats wrong..." and that is it.

So a doc can tell why you have blood in your urine with a 24 hour urine test? I am really not looking forward to having a camera in me...

Thank so much for the responses!
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Ihave been dealing with kidney stone oain for 2 years. Iam 37 and had 2 lithotripsys in the past 2 years. I STILL HURT. Istill pass small pieces of stone. I have abdominal pain with radiating to my back and ribs. I HAVE HAD SEVERAL CTSCANS. The last one said all the stones were broke up. I have had ivps and cystograms, I AM BEGINNING TO THINK I am going to hurt forever.They say I have topass all the pieces. How long can this take. sorry this is a mess, Iam hurting today. I am a nurse at a local DRS office and I dont mention my hurting. dont let noone tell you your crazy,hang in there. Treva
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I have to say that everyone here has pretty much given you good information.  I have suffered for 24 years with kidney stones.  This past year I had 7 lithotripsies, 3 laser lithos, passed 4 stones not broken up by litho, and probably have at least another 8 in my left kidney.  I can say that the reason I have so many stones is because I have Medullary Sponge (sp) kidneys (which really means the kidneys look like sponges literally) Poly cystic kidneys and other issues.  The pain can definitely be  in your kidneys.  When the kidney blocks the tube going to the bladder it causes pressure to build up.  Sometimes the stone will be in the ureter and cause a backup of urine in the kidney which causes pain.  
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Yes You CAN have pain in the kidney, not just in the uretor. I have meduallry sponge kidney disease & it is rare, but you have multiple stones & other probelms & the pain is in the kidneys too. I have had these all my life. Diagnosed at age 17 & am now 46 yr. old! I promise you, when you find the right nephrologist & hopefully urologist, you'll start getting answers & results And help for your pain & problem. But there is no cure. There is help.
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Hi .. there is an MSK (medullary sponge kidney community) here at MedHelp Please stop by and we can all help each other with MSK and its symptoms.


Shannon- I'd request an IVP X ray with contrast .. that'll show if you have MSK which may be contributing to to your pain.

MSK with calcium oxalate stones
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Hi, I was passing stones for a long time and went to see an endocrinologist, after blood, urine test, and scan, he found that one of my parathoriod was not working, after removing it I had no more problem with stones.
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A friend just told me she's had several stones and after having her parathyriod out she's been symptom free.  Best of luck.
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Hi my dad who is 72 had a a kidney stone operation last week, the only reason he had the surgery was that a regular xray (5 years ago) he had detected both his kidneys were full of stones. He has "NEVER" sufferd from any pain at all, but has been encouraged by both his GP and Surgeon that he should have them removed, there concer is more about preventing any problems in future.

The op was done on Wednesday 27th Nov (it went well this time, that's another story) and today we were told exrays have revealed that there are a few stones still in a tube somewhere maybe the ureter? (didn't quite understand the doctor), and that they now need to do a scan and inject some dye into him to see how large the stones actually are, which will help them detrmine if he will just have to pass them in his urine or if they have to go back in (surgery) and suck them out.

Has anyone had any experiecne like this, if so would love to hear from you.

Cheers Penny
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I was told i had a kidney stone 2 weeks ago, but that i shouldnt be in pain because it was located in my kidney. I have been hurting so bad, but because i have no insurance they do not want to help me. i was beginning to think i was crazy until i found this post. I do not know what to do for the pain, tylenol and advil do not help a bit! Why do doctors only believe whats in thier books when a patient comes in crying and throwing up from so much pain? i had a urologist tell me it was muscuoloskeltal and i might be thinking it was worse than it is, while another doctor said i dont think so. i know what you are going through. good luck!
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I had a kidney stone removed about three years ago...eight months ago I had extreme pain in my left back but it lasted only about five minutes.  After this experience I have had mild to moderate pain in my left kidney.  Two months ago, I had the extreme pain again, lasting just a few moments.  Now the pain is just a chronic pain in my left back, left waist and lower left abdomen.  I have had about three days of no pain lately but I think.... my pain is worse when I drink or eat any food or juice that is acidic.  I had no blood in my urine... Has anyone else had this experience with acidic foods?
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