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I have been having back pain and fatigue for years.  I recently had a full abdominal ultrasound and the results said I had rotated kidneys making accurate measurement difficult.  My recent blood work indicated my AMY (Amylase) was at 221 which is high.  What does that mean?  I have always had difficulty with constipation, bloating, gas, you name it since I was a child.  I have also had a colonoscopy and was told I have a lazy colon.  What does rotated kidneys mean and could it be the cause for the back pain, constipation, bloating, gas, etc.  Where can I get more information about rotated kidneys.  Please help, to tired and fatigued for to long.
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Rotated kidneys may have been an  incidental finding in your case as this type of structural anomaly is usually present at birth.

"The kidney ...may be rotated in an unusual fashion. Neither of these cases is a significant problem as long as there is no interference with blood supply, venous drainage or with the ureter. "
Source: http://www.med.mun.ca/anatomyts/renal/akid6.htm

A this point, your symptoms may not be due to this structural anomaly.

Do you experience any severe abdominal pain, fever ,nausea and vomiting?

When you say amylase, you are referring to pancreatic amylase?

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I have elevated amylase 533 and lipase is 659...what is happening?
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The amylase and lipase levels are blood markers used to determine the presence of acute pancreatitis. However, these are not specific for acute pancreatitis since other conditions like salivary gland disorders, kidney disease and diseases of the ovaries may actually lead to an increase of amylase levels. Usually both markers are determined together.

In your case, the presence of a rotated kidney may warrant further evaluation of the elevated lipase and amylase levels. These markers may increase if decrease in kidney function may be present. Now, I do not want to alarm you. At this point these are just differentials , and it is best to discuss this with your physician so you my be guided accordingly.

With regards to you symptoms of constipation and bloatedness, your underlying colon problem may be responsible for this.

Have you had your creatinine clearance or glomerular filtration rate determined?

Do you have an increased intake of alcoholic beverages?
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