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Re-occuring kidney stones?

I hear that you can continue to get stones once you have already had them.

How many times have you had them?
How many months/years in between?
Family history of them?

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Kidney stones may be due to dehydration, diet, chronic stress, genetics, and even cadmium poisoning.If one parent had kidney stones, there is an increased risk in his or her children.Kidney stones tend to be recurring, typically reforming within seven years.In serious cases of kidney stones an ultrasound that  breaks down the stones may be advised.  

I hope this helps. Take care and regards.
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so true in my case I've started getting em since around 23 and now 32 I get 3-4 a year and luckily {I guess never had to have surgery cause they are so small }the urologist says the only thing she can think of is that dehydration causes mine even though I drink a lot of water I cut down calcium no longer drink sodas or liquor{in years} I've done everything and still get them! ON BOTH SIDES!!!!{right now I have 1 in my right kidney that has been there over a year but is not passing so it's not bothering me yet

I get them more in summer because dehydration but less in winter I say every 3 months unless it's summer monthly until heat waves are over

My mom and father get them just the same {also my uncle who 1st got them small but monthly @ 1st then they increased in size to where he always needs surgery to take em out }
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My dad had them in his early 40's really bad on and on - and not since, none in last 25 years.  I am in mid forties now and getting them.
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