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Right flank and inguinal discomfort with negative tests

My husbandI started to get a discomfort on my right flank side as well as on my  right inguinal area on January 2nd. He passed one blood clot with no gross hematuria. Kidney stone work up came out all negative (u/a, urine culture, CT scan abd and Pelvic negaive.  Cytology and cystoscopy negative.  Lab work including covering all systems negative.  On Jan 10th another blood clot no gross hematuria.  On Jan 20th another blood clot no gross hematuria. U/A done afterwards have shown no hematuria at all. No infection.  MRI with and without contrast done on friday January 23th. Waiting for test result. What do you think is going on?  Should we go to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,FL?
I am a RN looking for answers.  No nausea, no vomiting, no excruciating pain,no chills, no fever, bowel movement has changed since January 2nd but no blood in stools.  Still he has bowel movement but no regularly.  Colonoscopy negative, endoscopy negative. HELP US HERE. Thanks
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