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Right kidney side pain going through orgasm

I am male and 49 years old. I am having a problem which my doctor and I are yet to describe whether it is sexual or a kidney area problem. Personnaly I am inclined to think it is a kidney area problem. When I start to go through orgasm I also start to feel a pain developing in the left kidney/flank area. The pain disappears as I also climax out. Both recent scan and urinary tract infection analysis came out negative. All the same I was put on ciprofloxacillin but there was no change. I have had this problem in the last 5 weeks or so. I am still to go for further test. Has anyone experienced this problem. Am I squeezing kidney stones during orgasm. I have a ten year history of gout.
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When was the last time you had your serum uric acid levels assessed?

What scan was done? an Xray scan or a an ultrasound?

Is your gout well controlled?

Are you taking any medications at this point?

Aside from the scans and urinalysis ,you may need to have some blood work done. Your serum BUN and Creatinine levels may need to be determined.As well as a 24 hour urine collection for urinary uric acid may be needed.

Although a urinary tract stone needs to be ruled out here.Another differential is that, what you are experiencing may be referred pain from painful or inflammed soft tissues. Musculoskeletal pain that is not secondary to gout should also be considered. A spine disorder may also present as pain during strenuous activities.
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