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Scarred kidney & reflux, need info!

So I'd been having chronic uti's since I was around 14-15 (19 now) I also just found out that as a child, I also had a few bladder infections. I knew something was wrong. I just kept getting shumcked out of the dr's cuz my dr at the time was only interested in narcotics for self-use...Anyway,  I have a new dr,  and I got ultrasounds finally done,  and it showed my left kidney is very small (8cm) my right is 14cm, and that it has significant scarring, and that I have urine refluxing back up into it my dr said. I forget which kind she said, but i remember her saying i have an atrophic left kidney. She thinks its caused by repeated infections and the fact that its deformed...I feel like such a freak! Was I born this way or did this just develop? I'm finding it a little hard to find good quality info on this. Shes sending me to a urologist sometime in the next 2mo....So what should I be doing to take care of this? Is there anything I can do?  She said my kidney function is still normal,  but what could happen in the future?  I'm very scared, nobody else really seems to take this seriously...
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Hi.  I'm sorry to hear about your kidney.  I have the same problem. I was reffered to a urologist and he has been a lifesaver.  I am having surgery on Friday because I also have scarring on my left kidney which was a result of many infections as a child.  (My doctor at the time told me they were growing pains. What did I know!)  Please see a urologist beacuse this should not be taken lightly.  Have you been scanned for kidney stones?  I am having my kidney stones removed on Friday by lithotripsy.  They are extremely painful, cause scarring and reflux and will continue to damage the kidney until removed.  You are NOT a freak, nor were you born one.  This problem happens to many, many people and please make sure you're persistent with your own care.
As far as things helping, I try to avoid meat and spinach which makes it worse and also drink alot of cranberry juice and water.
I really hope this helps !!!!
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I am taking this very seriously and am pretty scared about it! I knew something was wrong and nobody believed me, now all they have to say to me is that i have 2 kidneys and i only need 1..its frustrating. Well I just had ultrasounds done do they detect the stones?? So far I dont think I've had them (as far as I know) but i did have 3 very severe kidney infections that hospitalized me, I was in so much pain and dehydrated i thought i was going to die! and this is my first ultrasound of my kidneys ever!! So does this mean that I'm basically definately going to get kidney stones/problems??
I'm afraid I'll have many many problems down the road with this.......I find when I drink a lot of water i feel sick and get pains in my kidney for some reason, so i generally only drink 4-5glasses a day, not all of them are water. I also cant drink alc, everytime i get the pains in my bck and usually a few days after i get a uti...its so stupid!!  I'm sorry u have this too and I hope you feel better
Any other suggestions on what i should do are apprieciated<3
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I was so moved to read your post.  You have been through a very frustrating time havent you.

Firstly, i would say step back, deep breath and lets get this sorted.
Now people are listening to you, although a little late in my opinion, they are listening, so we can now take this one step at a time.
People who dont suffer with kidney problems sometimes dont understand what we all go through, i think because one. its not visible and two lack of knowledge. Just remember we are here to help and support you should you need us.

Im afraid that noone can predict the future, and that everyone is different, so what you might or might not suffer with in the future would only be pure speculation.

Things you can do to help with the pain are......  watch what protein you eat ie... nuts, meat.  Also fruit juices can cause pain.  Water is about the thing you can drink, but drink just enough to be safe until your urology appointment  Obviously no alchohol.

I would strongly urge you to write down any questions and worries you have for now and the future, and whilst you are at urology go through them all.  All too often when we are in a position to ask we forget many which only leads to more worries.

If you are in any doubt about diet, or have any concerns prior to your appointment i would go and see your G.P at the soonest.

I am in no way a doctor with no medical experience, so any advise you decide to take should be backed up by your g.p.

I do hope your appointment sorts this out for you, please let us know how it goes.
come back and post should you need any support or just someone to talk to who understands what you going through.
May i wish you all the best
yours Triksy
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My kidney problem is not at all the same as yours but I was wondering the difference between a urologist and nephrologist.  I was seeing a urologist and when my kidney problem was diagnosed switched to a nephrologist.  

Have no idea the difference but keep it in mind for the future and maybe ask to see a nephrologist if you are not satisfied with the urologist.  Best of luck with your appointment!

Laura  :)
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