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Should I be concerned? GFR #

I am a 35 year old woman who has a history of kidney problems as a teen, even spending a week in the hospital with what we thought was a "severe infection backing up toxins in my system".  Also, I have somewhat of a family history of kidney disease with an aunt dieing at the age of 38 with what was called "Bright's Disease".

The last couple of years, my husband and I were trying to have a baby and I miscarried twice early (making this our third miscarriage).  I was given a battery of test and it was found I had moderatly high Anticardiolipin Antibodies IgM of 30.  I was diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome.  The hemotoloigist also ran a GFR test (using serum creatinine) which showed my GFR at 67 ml/1.73 sqm.  A few months later we concieved and were able to carry the pregnancy to term using Lovenox 40 ml shots daily.  

I haven't felt well since the delivery of our baby.  I have had shortness of breath and am just tired a lot.  Another eGFR test was done, using the same method and showed it to be 57 ml/1.73 sqm.

Soooo... I asked my GP to refer me to a Nephrologist and before she would, she ran a Creatinine Clearance test and checked my GFR that way.  THAT test showed my GFR to be 65 ml/1.73 sqm.  Since it is above 60, they arn't concerned.

My concern is, first of all, yes, my GFR is 65 (above 60) but I am 35 years old.  Another concern is that, using the same method of testing, my GFR dropped 10 points in ONE year!

Should I insist on seeing a Nephrologist of just asked to be tested again next December?

Thanks,  Laura
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