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Small cortical cyst on left kidney

I would like to ask about my small cortical cyst on my left kidney measuring 0.7cm. Is this something to worry about? What treatment can cure for this cortical cyst? I dont feel pain but my urinalysis use to show traces of blood, few bacteria and protien is negative. Please advise.
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It is very common to have renal cysts, especially as you get older. Your cyst is very small and not something to worry about. However, size is not the most important thing. Cysts are categorized by their degree of complexity, using Bosniak classification system. In general, no follow up is necessary for simple cysts or minimally complex cysts containing thin septations. Also, no follow up is necessary for hemorrhagic and/or proteinaceous cysts measuring less than 3 cm. On the other hand, cysts with thick septations, nodularity, and/or enhancement have higher risk for malignancy.
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