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Stage 2 Kidney Disease and Flank Pain

In Jan 2002 I had an abscess that formed on my left kidney and was in hospital for 9 days for treatment to heal it which left my kidney scarred/damaged (less than 1/3 of it). Ever since then I get occasional severe kidney pain and it makes it hard to function. In addition to this issue I get 6-7 UTIs a year and some are worse than others because I have became very knowledgable on detecting a UTI. I was also diagnosed with Stage 2 Kidney Disease and have been under the care of a Urologist since then. I have also seen a Neuphrologist but they made me feel like my issue was not as bad as what they are used to seeing. Since I am in the military I have barely get to see the same doctors therefore I am constantly having to explain my history. I have noticed that some doctors act like my seldom pain is all mental. Is there anyone else that suffers from this kind of burning kidney pain that may have had this same issue?
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