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Stage 3 Kidney Disease

I was told I have stage 3 kidney disease but was not told how serious it is or what I can do to make it better, I need to know if I am going to get sick fast or can I die from this and how long before I start feeling bad and need to be put on that kidney machine.
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Hi there,
In stage 3 kidney disease the aim is prevention of progression of renal disease and reduce associated risks. This person needs long term monitoring of renal functions and other parameters like Hb, blood pressure, urinary protein.Proteinuria, haematuria and declining GFR are poor prognostic indicators. Such people should avoid smoking, exercise daily and adopt lifestyle changes. Blood cholesterol should be controlled to prevent risk of cardiovascular disease. Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination is important. It is best to clarify your doubts with your nephrologist.Do keep us posted.
Best luck and regards!
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Just as a word of encouragement. I went from Stage 3 (54% kidney function -GFR) to stage 2 kidney disease (73% function - GFR). I did this by following the kidney diet really closely. It usually doesn't work that good - but it does often help you from getting any worse. I really miss my tomatoes though. They are now a 'special' treat.

Stage three is moderate damage. Right in the middle of things. If you are high stage 3 than you may never need dialysis. A lot will depend on you. If you keep your cholesterol low, and your bp low. So diet and exercise. You should be getting another test in about 6 months just to see if it is progressively getting worse, or staying the same.

You are lucky to catch it at stage 3. Most people don't know they have kidney disease until it is too late because the symptoms are so minor until the later stages.

If you are interested I think I called the post "Diet does make a difference" it outlines in some details the kidney diet my doctor gave me. Bottom line is reducing potassium and phosphorus (which isn't listed in the ingredient labels but is in almost all pre-packaged foods and dark coloured pop except rootbeer)

So this is a thing that is important to recognize and treat, but not yet at the freak out stages. Stage 4 is where the real concern starts happening. So bottom line is you are actually quite lucky to know you have it.
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Your post is very helpful I will use this info when I talk to my Dr I feel I can move forward with hope. Thank you
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I was diagnosed with CKD a few years ago. My eGFR was 34, Creatinie 1.5,  and BUN 24.  I found a good diet, control of Diabetes, and various supplements precribed by my Nephrologist helped. My last lab was eGFR 89, Creatinine .89, but my BUN was 22. This as I am probably not hydrating enough. I take Vitamin D3, B-12 and 6, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, and Lisinopril. I have not had a eGFR under 65 since. Of course diet is a major factor as well. Basically if it tastes good you can't have it.
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Hi, all of the above are excellent suggestions. There is a lot you can do to help yourself either halt or greatly slow the process. Many with stage three never do move past that!  It really also though has a lot to do with the cause and if that cause can be addressed. eg I have gone from normal egfr of 92, progressively down now to 27, in 2 years . HOWEVER, my cuase is unusual and cant be fixed (I have no bladder and suffer uncontrolled kidney infections)  Having said that though, I have very regular contact with my neph, avoid certain medications like the plague, address all utis immediately and follow the kidney diet (well try to lol)  I have heard that many people have foind the kidney diet a literal life saver.
Its probably unlikely you would be having any ill effects at stage 3. IF you do drop further, this may change. Keep in regular contact with your neph and follow all advice to the T
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I was stage 4 kidney disease went up to stage 3 and came back down to stage 4 and now am back at stage 3. I watch my diet, am on the Divta Kidney diet and low sodium diet, and take all sorts of meds for High Blood Pressure, and take 1500 MG of Michlephenolate every day and 25 MG of Prednisone (which I hate but it is necessary) every other day.So am hanging in there. My GFR goes up and down, as well as my Protein numbers. But better than stage 4 .
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