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Stent pain

I average at least 1 kidney stone procedure a year sometimes I have 2 done a year.  I always have stents put in after the procedure.  I have horrible pain with the stents, I actually cannot walk.  I have researched the ESWL procedure and the information says you can resume normal activites the next day.  I am usually out the entire week the stent is in.  Is this normal?  Once the stent actually came out by itself.  Also, I would like to know how my body can produce so many stones.  I had 8 removed July 2008, tomorrow 3-12-09 I am having 4 removed.  Thanks Kens
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Hi Kensie,
....I found that riding in a car or truck with bad Shocks or a Bubble on a tire would make me hurt ... also dirt roads...or a long trip...as the stone's grow in the flesh of the kidney any Ruff Riding will tare it from the kidney flesh...of course if it tears the kidney flesh...IT HURTS... it bleeds...and it can get infected....and that is when I had to go have the Dr and remove them from me again ... I went through that for 40 years...Now...I have touched many stones and they were sticky feeling and hard ...a friend suggested  I drink Strong Vinegar Water... One Day I hurt more than I had in all my 40 years of stones!...At the bottom of my ribs deep inside...it was so painful I wanted to Scream! and I was alone...and no transportation...in desperation I started drinking the vinegar by itself ...then made it with water and I had wondered before if I used a massager if that would help so I got the Massager and bared down on it as it did give some relief ...the pain would subside a little then it came back...I drank a 16 oz glass of water with the vinegar about 8 to 10 times while using the massager the pain got less and less... with-in 2 hours I had no more pain...just soreness...and very tired...I was straining my urine the hole time...that night and the next day as I passed stone's that were broken down like sand on a beach!...  The sand was not sticky and they were now brittle....That is what I believe the Vinegar dose to the stone's...is removes the stickiness and makes them brittle...like cleaning out a coffee pot...lol...I now believe that if you drink vinegar water once or twice a month it will help keep the stone's from collecting together as I believe it's the stickiness of them that make them grow and that is removed by the vinegar...

Now...When I start hurting on my left side I know a stone is there so I drink Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water as strong as my taste would let me ...and as much of the mixture as I could handle...then I drink about 1/2 gallon of water in the next 30 minutes to a hour... Water EXPANDS All your urinary track to allow the particles of stones to flow freely... the urinary track is like a strait piece of rubber band with a hole in the middle....if you try to push a sandspur or thorny sticker through a hole in the center of a rubber band it will be almost impossible or you will tear the rubber band correct? Now if you fill that rubber band with water it will expand it so the sticker will move through it SO much easier...That's the only way to EXPAND THE URINARY TRACK...unless you want a STENT in you....and like you...to me that was WORSE THAN THE STONE'S! ...It is Horrible!...I also use a Heavy Duty Back Massager in the area where it is the most painful...I bear down on it and make it shake....that Brakes my Stones Down to Small Fragments that I hardly even feel anymore! I keep drinking water and following the stone's with the massager until I no longer have pain...usually it takes about 30 minuets to a hour...with breaks in between if your pain comes and goes...if a big stone doesn't break down real good you may want to repeat the same method again... I also bought a plastic strainer at the Med Supply store and caught them for a couple of days....An Boy Did I Catch Some!...In size from sand on the beach to dust partials!... I've had them pass in clusters of 10 - 15 -20 pieces or more at a time doing this method ...When I went to the Hospital for my operation they prepared me for Surgery took x-rays ect...then parked me outside the operation room door....after awhile my Dr. came to me and said Mrs. ____ there is a problem here...your x-rays show you don't have any Kidney Stones... just a tiny one embedded in the flesh of your kidney...LOL!....so I ended up not having to have the last  Kidney operation!...It's been 2 years now and only little pings 2 or 3 times...I hardly even think about them anymore!...I hope this method of mine helps you feel better...it always helps me...didn't cost much either!...I am not a Dr. nor a Scientist , I'm just an experienced STONE GROWER so Keep in mind this is MY method....and it works for me....I hope it works for you....every body and every stone is different...
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