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Strange symptoms...any help appreciated?

Hi, wondering if i could this with the community and get any feedback anyone has similar. I became unwell last week on an evening out with gastro type symptoms put it down to 24 hr bug and tried to sleep.In the morning woke up very swollen stomach area, i checked my urine and noticed it was very cloudy and tested it . It showed ++3 blood and leukocytes, ph8 and protein 1+ so i headed down to doctors and they gave me nitofurantoin for a UTI. By day 3 the last day of course i was in severe flank pain, going up to top of ribs and back and having strange left leg numbness. I went to a &e and they changed me to docyline and after a 5 day course i felt better, as i came off the AB i checked my urine and the leukocytes where still there however lower and protein blood had gone. I submitted my urine sample to doctors and was glad to be off AB. However two days later the symptoms returned and nausea flank pain and also diarrhoea. I went back to doctors who advised i had not cultured any bacteria and didnt need antibiotic. The next day I was very nauseaous, had visible bleeding in urine and i demanded to be seen. The doctor who was run a blood screen and checked my bloods and i had a slight elevated wbc count and protein in blood slightly elevated but kidney function all ok. They gave me cephalaxin and i have started it , they are querying uti as no bacteria cultured and no real stinging etc classic signs or nitrates showing. I have to now submit a stool sample as they want to check my stools and query if it is gastro issue with diarrhoea. I am abit lost around what is going on and still have some nausea and runny stool. But that may be my antibiotics. Its been going on for nearly three weeks and just unsure what to do next. ...
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I think you need an USG of the kidneys.. There is a possibility of kidney stones.
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