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Trace blood/protein in urine. All labs fine except Urine creatinine...

I was applying for life insurance and had to have a physical to finalize my application.  All tests were fine except urine.  Urine showed protein.  I went to my primary and we did the urine test again.  Indeed - tested with the stick and the results showed protein and blood were present.  She sent the sample out to be cultured.  Results: No infection and just trace levels of both blood/protein.  She had me do a first morning urine sample and that test came back with elevated creatinine of 38.4 mmol.  I do not have diabetes.  Blood pressure is 100/70.  Blood serum creatinine is solidly in the normal range.  All blood work is normal...  What could this be related to?  I do have a relatively protein based diet.  Family hx includes high bp, diabetes and gout.  I have no symptoms or results pointing to those issues being my issues.  Big Puzzle....  I was referred out to a Nephrologists but cannot be seen for months....  Any thoughts out there?
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