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Undiagnosed kidney issues

I had a fall 3 years ago December 2012 down dome stairs whilst 2 months  pregnant with my son. A few weeks later I started having severe pain in my right kidney. 3 weeks of going back and forth to hospital for scans eventually showed hydronaphrosis in the right kidney and I had a nephrostemy tube inserted for the rest of the pregnancy.

The hydronaphrosis calmed down once he was born but the pains continued not as severe but still quite bad but with no stones or infections there was no treatment other than pain management with drugs offered.

Then I fell pregnant in November 2014 and three months later the pains got bad again and the same scenario with the nephrostemy tube throughout pregnancy occurred. This time however they spotted calcification in the meat of my kidney.

Once she was born in waited for investigations to start as promised by urologist during pregnancy butility it never happened. Even with 2 referral requests from my gp.

I'm now pregnant again and have been told after my scan last week that my kidney is more calcified than before but no hydronaphrosis or stones or infection to explain my pains.

I'm worried this is cancer because for the last 4 months I've started getting blood in my stool yellow stool and yellow mucus and frequent diarrhoea I had a sigmoid colonoscopy thing but because I'm pregnant they didn't go in very far to investigate due to risks of miscarriage. They didn't see much but took a biopsy of some inflamed colon.

I have extensive history of cancer in my family and I now believe what ever is going on in the kidney has spear to my colon.

I don't have the biopsy result yet. I want a biopsy done in my kidney to diagnose my long term illness but was told that would be done after lots of tests which they will do after baby is born.

My concern is that after 3 years of suffering and the pain is getting so bad I'm taking oral morphine every 3 hours, surely waiting longer has a greater risk of whatever this is developing and becoming untreatable.

I'm scared and feel like I'm not being taken seriously. What do I need to say to get this biopsy done? Can I put my foot down and say I won't leave until they do one? I'm not that pushy but the way this is going on im getting to a point where all symptoms are pointing to cancer and im a mother who doesn't want to leave my children without one.

Please advise me on what this could be, what could calcification lead to and what should I do?

Much appreciated.
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